Olympians XXXII (2021 - not the original 2020 thread)

As long as you don’t start with the 17yo schoolgirl, who cares if you come off a bit weird. You might find you make a new great friend. Or at least you end up with a door to knock on in case of emergency, or a lack of sugar.

Maybe if I get on some medication for my anxiety and start working through that more. Its funny that I can stand in front of people and give a speech and show the data reports for the quarter with no anxiety but you come at me one on one and I just cant. For whatever reason.

Its gotten way worse during the pandemic because… less social contact with others really.

Nah, you do you. Im pushing myself. So, updating level ups is fine.

Yeah, I passed it back in 2009 before it was N1-N5. It was only N1-N4 back in those days. SO, stuff that would be considered N3 was mixed in with stuff that would be considered N2. I remember 火山 was actually on the N2 test. I dont remember much else from that test to be honest. haha. I figure its a good place to go back to and start from again.

I passed BJT 3 in 2013 which they told me my score was about the equivalent of a low N2 pass. So, I might be able to do it if I just… did it… even now. But, I want to really smack the info into my head.

Just smack it in there.

After I quit IT I worked at a bar for awhile and all though I hated what I was doing (Because,I felt like I was wasting my degrees, which I still feel that way which is a constant source of anxiety and stress for me… I feel like im failing myself because im doing a job that doesnt require my masters). I loved talking to new people all the time in those days and made just a ton of friends. Im not good at keeping up with others. I would assume I reside somewhere on the spectrum. But, I havent had that tested. I am dyslexic but thats a whole different thing =D

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Hey, just chiming in to say that I believe in you, and (although it might not resonate at all with you) also kind of wanted to note that you hated what you were doing as a bartender even though it seemed like a pretty good job for you (talking to people all the time). My own journey through depression has taken me to the realization that most of the pressures and pains in my life came from how I thought about things, not from how things really were. And I found that with time, observing my own thoughts and how they affected my own mood started opening things up more and more, and currently, I couldn’t care less about some of the things that seemed like insurmountable problems a while ago. It doesn’t feel like a loss at all - just feels like I’ve entered a whole new expansive space of being in the world.

Just my two cents, and I hope this goes well for you!

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For some reason I have lost my motivation. For more than a year I did my lessons and reviews everyday. I had a good rhythm but now that same motivation has just up and disappeared. The reviews keep on piling up and I don’t do new lessons.
Why did this suddenly happen?
I try to get the review pile to zero again and do some lesson today at least.
Just needed to vent. It’ll probably be ok soon as spring is coming. Some trees are already blooming.


This happens to me sometimes. You just have to know that it will come back, so keep on doing the reviews. It helps if you change something up to remind yourself why you’re doing WK. Maybe try watching a really fun show or playing a fun game in Japanese, and feel motivated to collect more kanji!

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Yeah, I know. Maybe it’s the other stress in life that sucks the fun out of other things.
Still studying but very slowly. No end in sight for the constant review pile. Hanging in there, hanging in there.

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Finally updated myself on the leaderboard. About 4 levels for 火


Managed to get that 400 pile to zero (during monthly meeting with the Zoom camera off…) and studied 20 more new vocab words. If I can now keep a normal pace removing the lesson pile from last two levels, I should be back on track in two weeks.
Edit: Also bought some manga for reading practice. One punch man and JoJo. Lets see if the reading speed goes up.


Back from the void at level 21! I increased my daily lessons to 20 ish a day but I want to go back down to 10 a day instead.

Recently Japanese is making less and less sense. Besides wanikani, I can’t seem to understand anything.
Lessons, readings, videos, chats, etc are completely lost on me.

Hoping it will get better soon.


Level for team 空


Made it to level 23 :grin: My accuracy has been a bit bad the last week though, mostly due to the large batch of burn reviews that are coming in from before I spread my lessons out. That should be over in a week or 2 I hope, until then I’ll just have to bear a few high-review days.


Things have become better now that I got the hang of the reviews again.
I am moving back to doing these things on a laptop as that is faster and I have less spelling mistakes compared to a smartphone’s tiny keyboard.
Saitama is damn windy, but I wanted to go to the office to work because working from home reduces my work performance and motivation. There aren’t that many people here anyway, so it’s nice and quiet.
Work is good, Wanikani progress good, lost workphone was found yesterday undamaged. Things are on the up and up. Feels nice :slight_smile: