Olympians (medalists announced - congrats everyone!)

You could also set your level on FloFlo to 35 and export the N3 vocab list from there, so all the vocab you’ll learn on WK until December will be filtered out already :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Have I mentioned yet that I love FloFlo? :grimacing:


Yes! I grew up watching Adventure and Tri was such a good trip through nostalgia :smile:


Oh, you’ve got yourself a challenge! :wink:


Oh my god, so many Japanese resources, so little time :c
I’m trying to structure my WK usage in a way so that it doesn’t consume my time and soul as the first time, but I also stucked in KaniWani because hey, it can’t hurt, right? c:

But anyway, since I struggled to finish the reading section on time on my two attempts at the N3, I might as well try this one. Looks interesting!



Can’t hold back my excitement :neutral_face:


I had forgotten that you were a lvl 60 returning turtle-burner, so I’m gonna have to be way more efficient/consistent than what I am currently :eyes:. What was your pace the first time? I do lessons for radicals/kanjis 8am morning and vocab 8pm evening (or when I can).

@pensei yeah I was talking about the Durtle Heaven thingy
@GrumpyPanda The first thing that flo flo recommended to me in “easy” reading is Aikatsu, this must be a sign (totally not my favourite series) :eyes::eyes:. This looks like a good tool, but I don’t really know how to use it yet.

Edit: The only Japanese book that I have (rn) is the original text for Kimi no na ha, a friend gifted it to me for my birthday a few years ago and it’s a goal to be able to read this book somewhere in the future

You create an account, pick a book, set your settings and then “Add” the vocab you want to learn, “Trash” the vocab you already know or “Ignore” the vocab if you don’t wanna bother with it (Will appear again in 30 days, so… with your next book?)

FloFlo remembers the vocab you’ve already learned, so the more vocab you add/trash there, the shorter the lists get. Probably the feature I like the most. Already filtered vocab lists :heart:

What I do is I just add every lesson that’s in the book I want to read (literally just spam the add button), export all of the items and then import them into Anki. Then I just chip away at it day after day until I’m close enough to start reading.
Others add the vocab to their SRS as they’re reading, so I guess that’s an option too.

You could also use the FloFlo SRS if you wanted to, but I just love Anki too much.


Okay, this seems pretty interesting, do you buy the books physically or do you use Kindle? I really like the feeling of paper so I’m more inclined to buy soft/hardcover but I dunno about the prices…

I’m also a paper lover but I use the kindle app. Not being able to copy-paste kanji you don’t know is kind of a bother :see_no_evil:

Also, because Raionus seems to appear every time I post something about FloFlo, I finally figured why there seems to be so much idol stuff on FloFlo :upside_down_face:

His description on WaniKani:

Why am I learning Japanese when Aikatsu already has subtitles?


WAIT, you mean there are other fans of the anime like me? :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:

Edit: for the reading part, I get the idea, I could use OCR or trace them by hand :thinking:


Yeah, I do that with manga (I get those in print), but because it’s more expensive and less convenient than the integrated dictionary of the kindle I usually stick to books.
You can also import the words you looked up with your kindle into anki, so that’s another plus for convenience.

I guess in the end it depends on how badly you want those books in print, and I totally get that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I have to outsource books into my basement all the time because there’s no space left in my apartment… :cold_sweat:

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At the prime of my performance I was doing about 8 days per level, but slowed down significantly around level 40.

But my first experience with the crabigator was a messy one. I’m trying to do only around 3 short sessions per day this time around instead of just doing reviews as soon as they’re available


Do it! It is the best thing that ever happened to my Japanese journey :relieved:
So we teach each other our native tongue, German and Japanese. We don’t speak any English, so it’s always a challenge to express more complex ideas. Her German is about as good as my Japanese so we both benefit!


Ok, I can do it. But hear me out first!

There’s no better deadline than the end of the 2020 Olympics for being both flashy and concrete. If it will soon be impossible for people to meet that goal, I would probably start a sister thread structured the same way, but letting people pick their own finish line (i.e., level 50, level 40, etc) to stay relevant through the end date.

Then I realized there was no reason that couldn’t happen in this thread if you add a “Goal” column between Username and Original Level. For everyone on the leaderboard already, that could be default of 60 that they can change, and for everyone joining, they could choose one that they think they can meet. (To analogize, some compete in a 10,000 meter race and some compete in a 100 meter race, but they’re all still Olympians!)

If you want to keep this thread strictly for people aiming for 60, then I can start a sister group. If you want to keep everyone with an Olympic goal together, then I won’t. Let me know!


It’s just a matter of interacting on the forums, posting, liking, and getting likes to prove that you can be a trusted member of the community, from what I understand.

I’ll update you until you gain “member” status if you @ me so I know when you’ve leveled up.


thanks for your input!

I get what you’re saying here, but I wanted to keep the goal 60 since that’s the end of the race, and anything before that is still incomplete. At the end of the day finishing later than others is still better than settling for an incomplete race. (and I like the analogy, but it doesn’t quite fit since the 100m, 200m, etc races are intense sprints rather than just shorter versions of the race. I wouldn’t recommend that mindset for kanji!)

It would definitely be better if everyone with the olympic goal stayed together, sorry if it sounded like I wanted to split us up with the idea of a sister group

I’ve probably been thinking about this too much, and I’m sure once someone feels like summer 2020 isn’t the best fit for them they’ll make their own group (that’s how this one started :grin:) (mentally plays the Let it Go song to myself)


Gotcha! As you saw, I started a new group since I didn’t see any other sister groups started yet. Hopefully it will be helpful to people! Thank you for the link! (and the wiki XD)


Any time, and so excited to have a sister group

And i’m glad I was able to use my “regular” powers one last time cause I haven’t been reading that many new threads lately so I’m probably going to lose the title very soon.


Yeah, I was looking into how to achieve it, and I’m just not going to be able to read that many posts.



I can edit the Wiki now!

Honestly, it took far less tan expected