Olympians (medalists announced - congrats everyone!)

While on Nagoya, go say hello to good 'ol Yamachan for me. Would you?


I was not thinking about taking a test before, I’m so glad I don’t have to write tests anymore, since I am out of school :sweat_smile:
Also, I am still behind in grammar, sooooo…

But will start reading along with the absolute beginner book club soon, I am excited for that.
Oh and btw, @GrumpyPanda, I did not do any lessons today until now to let you catch up!

and totally not because I was lazy and had much to do at work :sweat_smile:


Wow, that’s really cool! Glad you’ll join us in taking the JLPT!

On a more serious note, taking the JLPT was what got me to iron out the kinks in my Japanese. Praciting listening doesn’t feel as productive and makes me feel a bit anxious and studying grammar is just so hard. Having a solid goal for pushing them along really helped. And, since it’s just for you, scores don’t really matter either :stuck_out_tongue: If anything they’re a good way to find out where you’re lacking.

Totaly not trying to convince you :worried:


Hey, I’m pretty new so I’m only on basic status currently and can’t edit the wiki. Could someone add me in, I think this is a great idea for extra motivation :grinning: I’m on Level 4 at the moment.


@Dgcat I’ve added you, welcome to the party, I mean challenge/team :wink:

I’m now one lvl up, at lvl 3, soon I’m gonna catch up @pensei @GrumpyPanda :eyes::eyes:. My speed on WKstats is bugged tho, it keeps forwarding the 583 days to my current lvl and using my previous times for the resetted lvls :cry: . I lvl up at around 10pm but I do vocab and then I do radicals and kanji at 8am the next morning. I also write everything on paper now instead of just repeating it in my head. By 60 I should have everything written down so that I don’t have to subscribe ever again :smiling_imp:

WKstats rn



Okay, I might consider it since I already read a lot about the tests in the forum and it seems to be an extra Motivation for most of you.

Might look into it tomorrow :upside_down_face:


You’re officially on my dashboard-leaderboard now, just so you know :upside_down_face:
you better consider me a rival too


I always wanted to take the JLPT. The first time I started WK that was my goal, as I believe my vocab and grammar to be at least N5… others have said N4. Anyway, falling pregnant meant I never followed through on that plan. Maybe one day I will! I still want to.


My stats were the same kind of mess after a reset. Once you pass where you left off, the Ievel speeds correct themselves, but the historical data remains that of your original attempt. Really screws up your projections and averages, making the data useless.

Try using WK stats V2. Will show your current data more accurately!



You accuracy rates are amazing! And I’ve started ariting quick notes (kanji, meaning, and readings) on new kanji too and it really helps solidify the content in my head.

With the stats website, if you click on one of the bars that’s way bigger than the rest (eg if you have 300 days for level 1) then it should take that out of the estimated speed. Does that help?


You’re on mine too!

it- its not like I wanted to have a friendly competition with you or anything, I just wanted a cute jellyfish icon on my leaderboard thats all バ- バカ


thanks @Currymu :grinning:

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Waaaaaaait a minute

So there’s actually a leaderboard plugin where you can just see other people’s levels and be like “ha, I’m going faster”?!

Had no idea! Now, who shall I add to my leaderboard? The users I was secretly competing with are now in very high levels, one of them even burned all of the turtles!


Count me in!


Currymu be like nahh, that Jellyfish ain’t up to my level yah know. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Just throw quips at people around your level, seems to be working for me so far!


I want to do it, too~! I’m a little over halfway there! Just 478 to make it!


I think that my accuracy is in part due to writing everything down, obviously there are kanjis that I remember from past readings or WK but most new readings are remembered from writing it down. I really dig the “wake up one hour earlier to work one hour of WK or grammar or Japanese before going to work” mentality right now.

@avalia don’t worry, you are still a rival, it’s just that @pensei and @GrumpyPanda are the most vocal of the bunch here :eyes:

source (again): Aikatsu Friends
@yugimotta If you’re up to the task, try to follow me or catch up to me :wink: I promise I won’t disappoint

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I also reset down to level 1 from 12 or something and even though I didnt really remember the readings anymore for most of “higher level” ones, I can definitely tell that my accuracy is dropping quite a bit the closer I am getting to my original level

Oh boy, you don’t know what you just got yourself into :scream:


I also ditched the mnemonics (blasphemy :scream::scream::scream:) because I was never able to wrap my head around most of them when I started and it slowed me down, I replaced them with usage in context (vocab and sentences) so I can remember kanjis* better (ex: 左右→さゆう so I’m able to remember both readings better than through mnemonics). I’ll see when I get closer to my lvl, but I intend on keeping close to 99% accuracy still (at least on kanjis and radicals, can’t say yet for vocab), because I’m gonna keep on doing writing exercises to drill them.

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I also don’t use mnemonics, I just hammer things into my head by using the self-study quiz after lessons :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: