Olympians (medalists announced - congrats everyone!)

When you don’t press the refresh button in like 2.5 days:


Congrats to all y’all. Especially @here34 for getting to Hell!

I accidentally pressed that refresh a few times when I didn’t have time to congratulate. Sorry about that. If you levelled up recently, fricking A dude!


Congratulating @Redglare, @here34 (OMG you made it into hell!), @SuperSnoopy, @Nyagawa_Falls and @MissDagger on their level ups! :partying_face:



Thanks, @Elencia, @Pep95 and @carlostdev! A far too long level but that happens when vacation happens and one want a proper vacation, haha.

Congratz on level up to @here34 and @TheLastSwitch!


@_Shiori, @Redglare, wait for meeeeeeee…


about the title

Olympians (lv60 in time for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics)

Does it still count if I was L60 already when the topic was created but I burn every item in time for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics?


Hello hello :3c

Edit: We’re both Team Fire! :heart_eyes::fire:

We do have this other thread with the same concept, but a later deadline. In that one, there’s two leaderboards; one for levels and one for burns. Please check it out. You’ll find @Naphthalene and @Pep95 over there as well ^^


But, like, you’re always welcome to chat @chepe263


Some days it really do be like that.
Death really isn’t kind, isn’t it?


一緒に頑張りましょう! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

:fire: All three of us are Team Fire! >:D :fire:



Death is actually killing me.
I’ve pretty much stalled in my forward movement…


Death is hard, no doubt. Had to reset from 25 to 20. Now back to 24 with 25 around the corner, and the experience has been much better.


@OceanMirage @SuperSnoopy There’s a thread from today talking about this (the difficulty of Death) exactly and containing some tips that maybe are useful?: Tips for surviving the Death levels?

I’ve felt inches from burnout for weeks now, but have thankfully largely had the time for my daily lesson and review sessions, even if I haven’t always felt like I’ve had the motivation. I’m not sure what might happen if I ever felt like I don’t have the time, either. I have to admit hoping that Hell will somehow magically be past some kind of wall.

If it’s any consolation, at least some of the middle Death levels are smaller!

You guys will always be Olympians to me, even if you end up having to slow down!!


Thank you @madtapa, I’ll have a read of this… I think I need it.

For weeks now, I’ve been ready to give it in… It’s been challenging to move forward. With all the burns coming around, my review pile gets VERY big, very fast… It’s made it a challenge to regularly review new material, which means my retention isnt as good… which of course is frustrating and demotivating.

Good on you! That’s ace. I’ve found that I’ve been letting things slide a little, purely because of the amount of reviews coming through. I havent done my lessons yet. I have 98 waiting. If I do them, I fear what will come next! Lol.

This does give me some hope!

At this rate I don’t think I’m gonna make it.
Not meaning to be negative… Even saying it out loud warrants a spoiler blur


I feel pretty lucky to have enough free time to do my reviews several times a day. I think that’s the only reason I didn’t get completely suplexed by death like a lot of users here.

…still, I’m a bit worried about the infamous fast levels once you reach 50+. 8 days levels are already pretty tight, so I don’t know how someone is expected to do them in 4 days. The number of guru kanjis must be pretty overwhelming, to say the least.
@Pep95, I require your wisdom. How’d you do it?


The way I did it was by first horrifically crashing after doing them in 3.5 days. I took a 4 week break after reaching level 51. So point number 1 don’t do that.

In the end I settled on creating my own 7 day levels. When I reached a new level, I did all previous level’s vocab and current level’s radicals. Once I guru’d those, I did all kanji, just the kanji. Those are my weakness anyway, so it was actually pretty good for me to do those separately. Because you already guru’d your radicals, all kanji should be available.

It might seem a bit disproportionate, but for me it takes about as much time to do around 100 vocab vs about 35 kanji.

Also small protip and such, since these are fast levels, you can go on medium speed by doing the kanji levels in your 2 day srs break. So once you’ve upped most of the vocab and radicals to Apprentice 4, get on that kanji train within 13 hours. The intervals of 4,8 and 23 hours will accumulate to a day and 11 hours, so that fits just fine, without leading to very big daily review piles. This alternative will lead to level-up in about 5 days. But try the 7 day one first. :wink:


Congrats to @avalia @kezako @tigrennatenn and all others who have leveled up! :partying_face::pineapple:



Quite a lot of insightful informations here. Thanks for the write up!
I usually do all of my lessons as soon as they’re available but I might need to pace myself once I reach the fast levels. Though we’re obviously not there yet, I’m not even halfway done.

On that subject, anybody got some funny level 30 gifs to share? I need to prepare myself for an hilarious post once I reach that level, and I’m drawing a blank.


Congrats to @emucat, @VictorLino, @_Shiori, @arina22, @avalia, @nicoffee, @kezako for levelling up in the last 3 days!


Congrats to @carlostdev for getting to level 24!


Less than 30 reviews at a time for the coming 5.5 days (and less than 25 at a time for the coming 2.5 days) :OOOOOOO Such happy!

And also a leech update. Not going great, but I expect it to take a large dip once I’m finally done with all that master thesis stuff.

Congrats on levelling up @madtapa, @truandissimo, @ematan!