Olympians (medalists announced - congrats everyone!)



Finally did all remaining kanji lessons (11 of them), so I guess I will hopefully level up in 4ish days. At least I’ll basically half the time of my last level (which was 60+ and this one should fall just below 30)…


Hey guys, I made a new thread with a later deadline and flexible goal (Luminaries) for people below level 10 who want to join, or members that want to go at a lighter pace.

It’s also when I hope to achieve all burned status :eyes:

To the agents of Olympus (aka my homies who add new members to the leaderboard) @GrumpyPanda @avalia @Kare-uso @Redglare @Lids @Angelnoir @carlostdev @FennelFox @_Shiori @TheLastSwitch you can redirect those members to the luminaries!


YAY GUYS I DID IT!!! over 700 reviews :sob:

Honestly, it wasn’t that bad ヽ(o^▽^o)ノ You just have to push through it

I’d say using a reorder script at times like this and doing just one level at a time is a great help. It’s easier for the mind seeing 50 items left instead of 750. would not recommend it for “every day use” though as it’s minor cheating hohoho


:smiley: That would be fantastic, actually!
I’d like to join 空, and my speed is 10 days 2 hours (which I definitely intend to reduce lol)

Thank you! :rainbow::rainbow: Still going at a 7 days 0h pace :speak_no_evil: (See you in a week then :eyes:)

@yoshirahh Added you! Welcome to the race :wink: Also, if you need a later deadline you can join the

or if you need an even later deadline, you can join the

but feel free to join whichever you want, and even all of them if you want to


I just levelled up after 7 days, 0 hours which is my fastest level ever. :partying_face:

I can already see myself burning again out in a few levels. Maybe I can at least make it to level 42 and chill out there for a while…
I would love to keep up the pace until level 60 but that might be an unrealistic goal. We’ll see. As long as I make it in time for the olympics, all is good.


I won’t let you burn!!
pushes you into the water


“burning again out” – I’m also forgetting how to use English apparently.

Thank you for saving me, friendly fox that will in my heart secretly forever be a penguin! :heart:

I was just thinking of you yesterday when I was reading コウペンちゃん and came across アデリーさん。


hm, lets do 15 days for the time being, thanks, glad to be here!


Talking about penguins…
Do you know おこしやす、ちとせちゃん??? It’s so freaking cute haha
I already showed all my friends, apparently I lost my mind :(( maybe you guys will understand

this link is for the video without subtitles if you want to test yourself

You have a bit of leeway compared to most of us. Might be worth it to have consistent, slower levels instead of going at breakneck speed and consequently burning out.

idk tho I’m just a level 11 user teach me your ways senpai


Added you! Glad to have you here!
I have to ask you what team you want to be a part of (Psst, I vote for team 火 :wink:)

Again, welcome to the Olympians! :blush:


Chitose chan is such a wholesome anime, it’s really short but it always puts a smile on my face for the next hour, I love this small bird :heart_eyes:


Oh my god, I had no idea, so cute! I will watch all episodes now that I can find. Thanks for the link!

That would make sooo much sense! And it would also really be time for me to have learned my lesson since this would not be the first time it happens. I guess I’m just not a super reasonable person…

To a certain extent I’m enjoying this cyclical approach - going fast as long as I can and then taking a break to catch up. Overall, I would be done already if I had done 12 day levels consistently. But well… such is life :woman_shrugging: As long as we keep at it, we’ll all be done eventually :slight_smile:




Yaaay! I ran out of likes :see_no_evil:


Your approach to WK is fine imo, you could just focus on other things when you’re burning-out, like watching a drama or reading while staying in vacation mode on WK, so that you don’t do a “strict” learning process but you still work casually on your JP, and then you can come back and self-study before starting your cycle again. The goal is to get to 60 at one point but it’s doesn’t matter how you get to it :slight_smile:


New team water here!

I should probably edit my level on the race to cake thread. No speed, because I’ve been on level 38 for some months. Currently working my way through a heavy review backlog. Hopefully can start lessons soon.


And (@irrelephant) you could always take a half-break for a while where you keep doing reviews but don’t do any new lessons