Olympians (<100 days left!)

I’m not sure if I’ll have it as bad because I was on 9 for so long, I was able to burn a lot of things.

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Ah yes, that certainly helps :relaxed:

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let’s goooooo

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I’ve dropped my speed to around 9 or 10 days a level… will see what level 12 brings. Lol. I’ll need to use @GrumpyPanda 's level projection to see if I can make get to the Olympic goal… I really want to. But I’m finding that since level 11, things have become much more challenging. I don’t want to burn out!!!


Congratulations @exhaze!! Going strong!
Agreed, let’s do this!!

Wowza @Ethann! That’s amazing! Good work. You should be proud of that fabulous effort.

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Hey there! Just a warning, to make level 60 by the end of the olympics, you would have to consistently level up every 7 days or faster for the next year. I’d suggest you try the Race to 60! December 2020 JLPT thread, since their deadline is a few months after ours so you could get to level 60 in time and have some leeway.

To quote the fantastic fennelfox:

Hey! I started the JLPT Race thread that pensei recommended to you. I’d love to have you, and you can totally do both! You can have a different goal than 60 on my thread as well, and of course you don’t have to be planning to take the JLPT.

See you over there, maybe!


I did finally manage to level up yesterday, whew!

I deleted my speed for now in the leaderboard since I’ll have to see how the next weeks will go. Might very well be that I’m doing another sprint of a couple of 7 day levels until I crash, burn and take another 100 day break. The circle of my WaniKani life :woman_shrugging: .


Im doing fast levels for now too (7-8 days), and planning on letting myself slow down to 12 days once school starts so I can do reviews whenever instead of worrying about keeping up with the apprentice -> guru schedule. But im worried that if I slow down a little I’ll lose focus/drive and end up taking months on a level :sweat_smile:


Sounds familiar…
I find levelling up fast to be most motivating. But then eventually, it gets too much - usually around the time when I go to Japan and can’t keep up with reviews.

But as long as I keep coming back and move towards 60, it’s all OK. It would however be very nice to be free of all of this. I realized recently that if I keep a very strict schedule, I could still reach level 60 this year unless I miscalculated something.
It is not very likely to happen but for now I’m enjoying that thought and will keep hoping that I can make it this year. But if not, the olympics are still soon enough and a good goal.



Thanks for the heads up! I’m just excited to be back to WK for the third time (I nuked my turtles last time I came back…) and wanted to jump right in with something motivating. :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll join the JLPT run as well!


General Q: When we edit Wiki are we supposed to move our row, or just update our stats?

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Please move yourself to your new appropriate position!! (sorted by level then level-up time [and there general numbers like “10 days” are sorted below “10 days 18 hours”] then alphabetical)
It saves us, who sort it every once in a while, a bit of time :innocent:


I’ve done all the lessons in one go at level 5 and had around 170 reviews per day.

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I have missed just enough kanji to delay leveling up two times this month. I hate this game, literally one less kanji missed and i’d have 90% someone get me off this wild ride.


Oh i didnt know this! Will update properly the next time i level up


I just wanted to say thanks to all you guys for being here and making this group! :heart::heart:
I’m finding the “painful” levels to be just as advertised… PAINFUL! :jp::sob::confounded:
But, I keep going bc I want to eat the cake AND I get a ton on motivation from you all in this group… :cake::slight_smile::cake: It’s strangely comforting to know you are all stuck in this madness with me. Lol.
Also, a special mention to those who work so hard to keep the leader boards in order. You all rock! Thanks! :star_struck::+1:


N-no you rock for being an awesome olympian and smashing those kanjis :muscle:


@Lids Yeah, I don’t want to burn out either and I have to balance my own self-study with Japanese homework from my classes so sometimes I don’t have as much time for adding new items to WK and such. And in my life overall, I’m balancing Japanese classes, homework/self-study, and my side-business, and having a life. 難しいねぇ。


Throwing my hat into the ring repping team 空! Had some long stopping-and-starting with WK for the past 3 years but the past 6 months I’ve finally found the motivation and reason to keep pushing forward, and I’d love more reasons to not lose the momentum I’ve built up. If I keep going at my current pace I’ll get to 60, but if I can push myself a little further I could have a big chunk of burns done too.

I’d also like a study buddy around my level - let me know if you wanna have someone to keep in check on LINE!

edit: Added a visual representation of my momentum. I actually started in late 2016 but it doesn’t go back that far!


Thanks @pensei! You are always a big source of motivation and positivity.

It’s a big balancing act @MissDagger, isn’t it? I’m 110% certain you’re doing an amazing job at it all.
Can I ask what your side business is?
I work and have a 1.5 year old. I find it hard to get time to do anything some days, but I really want the cake!!!

Welcome to team 空!