Old Terrace House translation of a rude sentence

So I’ve recently got into watching Terrace House based on a suggestion from a friend who lived in Japan for two years. Reality tv is not normally my thing, but it is interesting seeing the more casual speech patterns, which is why he suggested it.
The episode I’m currently watching now is from an older season, and the english translation of the sentence spoken in the scene I’m about to drop a screenshot of is quite surprisingly rude. I was able to split things up and do some minor footwork on translating through google, but everyone is too loud and I can’t hear what is said at the end and I don’t recognize the kanji. Could someone help with this one?

It says 今の感じって処女のヤリマンみたいな感じ?

The rudeness is in the ヤリマン. It means 軽はずみに多くの男性と性交を行う女性を指す俗な表現。尻軽女。男性について言う場合は「ヤリチン」などと言うこともある。


That’s quite interesting. With it being katakana, I assume that means a loan word from somewhere. Though the male equivalent seems to have a rather japanese word within it referencing a body part. I have saved this description off for later reference in case I come across it again.
I didn’t even realize it the first few times I looked at it, but the same kanji for feeling is used twice in the sentence. Is there a grammar point for this use case that I could get a link to?

I’d be willing to bet the ヤリ comes from やる, which is a casual way of saying “to do”, but can also mean “to do”, if you get my drift, wink wink. And yeah, considering the term for men references a *cough* body part, I’d be willing to bet this one references the equivalent part.

There’s a few slang terms in Japanese that are usually written in katakana despite being entirely of Japanese origin イケメン for example, comes from イケてる plus 面.

I don’t think that’s a grammar point. It’s more like “That feeling just now is a - - - feeling”. って is a casual form of the topic particle は.

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oh… ohh… oohhhhhhhh crap now I get it… マンコ。。。。。 Its been so long since I’ve heard that word that I didn’t make the connection at all.
I also did not know that イケメン was written in katakana. I’m really just getting into the writing/reading side of things with Japanese as of a few months ago.

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