Old Radical Name Comparison

What are the old names of the radicals compared to the new ones? (e.g. Nailbat vs. Fingers)

Edit: Thank you for the solution!

Soul used to be fish stick. Good luck used to be longcat.

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Gladiator was always gladiator

PS on the WK homepage you can go to Menu —> Settings —> App and scroll down for the option to display the old mnemonics, that’ll let you see the old radical names for items if they were changed

Radical Old meaning Kanji Affected
勹 Prison Enclosure 22
土 Dirt Grave 66
丁 Street Nail 10
弓 Bow Spring 13
文 Writing Doll 5
本 Book Real 3
干 Dry Antenna 18
广 Canopy Mullet 28
扌 Fingers Nailbat 81
用 Task Elephant 9
宀 Roof Helmet 55
ネ Spirit Pelican 19
支 Branch Frog 7
世 World Generation 3
貝 Shellfish Clam 46
巾 Towel Two Face 26
Scooter Water Slide 56
里 Village Sunflower 13
刂 Knife Ribs 37
斗 Ladle Chopsticks 4
灬 Boil Fish Tail 15
歹 Yakuza Bad 10
禾 Grain Pine 35
ム Private Pile 19
氏 Clan Duck 8
矛 Spear Soldier 4
舟 Boat Sail 10
云 Cloud Boobs 7
殳 Weapon Ikea 16
片 One Sided Waiter 2
罒 Net Sauron 21
易 Easy Gravity 7
阝 Building Butcher 44
辰 Landslide Superman 6
申 Humble Say Humbly 4
艮 Root Good 14
単 Simple Witch Doctor 4
亜 Asia Tie Fighter 2
廴 Yoga Big Bird 8
非 Criminal Injustice 9
束 Bundle Ent 6
冊 Bookshelf Books 4
己 Oneself Cobra 12
央 Center Central 3
忄 Soul Fish Stick 27
身 Body Somebody 3
去 Past Cemetery 3
吉 Good Luck Longcat 3
巛 Flood Arrows 2
至 Mole Boob Grave 5
斉 Simultaneous Stilts 4
弗 Dollar Slinky 2
充 Allocate Outhouse 3
丩 Vines Four 3
亭 Restaurant Nailgun 2
旦 Dawn Sunrise 9
韋 Korea Cow God 5
冓 Lifeguard Circus 4
屯 Barracks Thorn 4
尞 Charcoal Ox 5
召 Call Joker 7
鬲 Bully Chester 2
扁 Library Bookshelf 3
堇 Boot Kiln 2
Trash Boob 6
Spring Train 9
Yurt Hick 5

I’m especially glad they changed Cow God to Korea :rofl:


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