Old and Invisible Characters

There’s some characters that I can’t get to render on my firefox, it’s old and unused ones like {堇} and {兑}. I’ve tried switching fonts a bit, from Meiryo to Noto Sans CJKjp and figured out that inspecting the text and manually changing lang=“jp” to zh makes them visible, but that’s about it.
Any idea of how to get around this? I’ve looked up stuff about fallbacks but I really don’t get it.

Maybe try installing some additional Japanese fonts on your computer? WaniKani specifies several font families to choose from for rendering, but you have to have at least one of those fonts installed on your computer for it to work. Maybe you only have some lower priority fonts (based on WaniKani’s ordering) and it doesn’t fully work. Just a guess though.

Also, do you have a Japanese IME installed on your computer? I think when you install one it generally also installs at least one font that WaniKani uses.


Oh, yeah, turns out all I had to do was change the default font. It was still Meiryo. Thank you.

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