"Okay" and "rip" number of pending lessons/reviews

If you’re already doing a set number of lessons per day rather than all lessons as soon as they come up, I think that’s already really great :blush: If you do all of your lessons in big batches, then they’ll always come back for review in really big batches, which gives you horrible spikes (some people don’t mind, but I’d rather smooth them out as much as possible!).

Personally, I do between 12 and 24 lessons per day, and it takes me about 8 days to level up, assuming I don’t mess up. I’ve been getting burn reviews for a few months now, and I’d say I get about 150 - 200 reviews each evening. This will vary based on your accuracy, but if that seems doable to you (70+ may seem horrifying now, but it’s not so bad once you get more comfortable with everything), then your pace seems great. Otherwise, you might want to slow down a little - you can always speed up later!

I do lessons in the morning, the 4-hour reviews at lunchtime, and then nearly all of my reviews come up in the evening. Personally I prefer that kind of schedule to just doing them whenever they’re available, but you may prefer doing them whenever.

You might want to check out the Ultimate Timeline script, which can be really helpful in visualising what you’ve got coming up:

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