~ Oishinbo ~ 🥘 🍙 🍱 ~ watch schedule paused

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh that makes so much more sense.
I had to watch this episode twice because I was multi tasking and still didn’t understand it.


Yeah…this is the 3rd time I’m watching this show without subs (across several years now though!) and I keep noticing more stuff. Like the initiative for Africa. :sweat_smile: I’m pretty sure I missed that the first rounds.


So in the ninth episode they encounter a sushi chef that’s too up tight about EVERYTHING! making that some kind of sales point for the restaurant! :frowning:


It seems that without a viewing schedule, the discussion will be all over the place. One person discusses episode 53, another episode 27, and yet another one discusses episode 3.

Hmm, that IS an issue. It’s just that this thread started just from me talking to Nemuitanuki who had already gotten started. So, I made a thread for us as we both watch without subs. And then hoping others might jump in also.

Though, I’m unsure of how to organize something more formal with us already well underway. :sweat_smile:

Any suggestions?

Edit: I guess I could just create a schedule, though starting on episode 8…:thinking: People can catch up. Maybe??

EDIT So, I decided that I was probably naive to think this could work without a schedule. And it’s fair to anyone that wanna join to allow them to…and to properly check for interest.

So, I’ve made a preliminary viewing schedule where we watch 2 episodes per week, starting tomorrow.


So, I’ve now posted both a preliminary viewing schedule (that’s you can comment on, it is a good pacing?). @Nemuitanuki any thoughts?

Plus, I’ve also added a Participation poll to see how many are watching Oishinbo with us! ^>^

It’s all in the First post! :high_touch:


I think two episodes per week seems reasonable. The episodes are short, only about half an hour each.

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Yeah, and since I’m also doing the Vision of Escaflowne rerun, I’m already getting enough stuff to watch per week. Though, at this pace, it’ll take a while before we finish! :joy:

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For me, I’m not a fan of mecha or fantasy anime. Oishinbo is more up my alley.

Most people can’t buy the DVD anyway, so we are probably going to watch it on YouTube. So far they have only uploaded 72 episodes.

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I thought they had released all of them…Though thankfully, even if we can’t watch all, since Oishinbo is episodic in nature, it’s probably fine to end after 72 episodes, without that being some cliffhanger. :thinking: :sweat_smile: There’s drama in this show, but it’s not Death Note. ^^ I don’t think people have to worry about it, so to speak.

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Oh, you chose the alternative kanji. WK teaches this as 究極

WaniKani / Vocabulary / 究極

You’re right…I didn’t think about it. So, what’s the difference? :thinking:

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You’re level 60, you tell me :sweat_smile:

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Well, Jisho didn’t tell me much. But I get the feeling that I used the less common version. ^^’

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You should also be aware that they have (unexplainedly) deleted some episodes. So episodes 3 and 4, for example, are missing from YouTube. There are many other deleted episodes.

That’s a bit of a problem if people primarily watch the show on YouTube. But, not everyone is…

@Nemuitanuki you’re using a streaming service aren’t you? :eyes: Any tips for people on where to find the show? Or do you also have missing episodes?

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The opening song taught me 逢う as alternative kanji for 会う :thinking:

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Hey there!!!

I’m using Amazon Prime Japan.

Schedule is really good. I want to go back and watch them again. I have tomorrow off work so I can definitely do it.

Episode 1: 究極のメニュー

The culture department of this newspaper goes to fancy restaurants on a regular basis, where they can eat luxury dishes and the company pays for it, eh? I pity their colleagues in the politics and sports departments :rofl:

TIL monkfish liver is a delicacy in Japan, and has been eaten for very long. Liver of the monkfish: a controversial delicacy

Episode 2: 士郎対父・雄山

The guy who owns the Renoir does not seem to mind at all that everybody else is watching him while he eats… :thinking:

There seems to be a lot of gourmet-themed media in Japanese culture. There are Kodoku no Gourmet, Samurai Gourmet, Tampopo, etc. Of course, there are also gourmet-themed media in the US, but it’s usually more focused on cooking, and not eating. For example Masterchef, Beat Bobby Flay, Chopped, etc. The Anthony Bourdain series (Parts Unknown and No Reservations) are probably an exception, but Bourdain himself used to be a chef.

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That is one thing that I can’t get over with this show. Because it just feels so strange! :joy:

But, it’s a recurring theme, so I presume it’s perfectly normal for several people to just wait and watch a single person eat food - at least in a 接待【せったい】 (reception, welcome, serving (food), (2) business entertainment) type of situation.

It’s a bit like how the wife might traditionally be expected to serve the food, but not eat with everyone else. This you see it all over the place (spontaneously I though about Laputa, when Sheeta serves the pirates), but tons of anime shows this. But, it’s not just women that goes into this role of subservient food fixer (whatever you wanna call it), but men do as well in certain social situations. Like a 接待, when people are buttering up potential business partners with food, drink and entertainment.

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