Oh man, 121 lessons unlocked at once

on top of all the reviews… ::hides::


unlocked 136 lessons this morning

That’s the biggest number I’ve ever seen for lessons.


Have faith in you. You will do it ! (and me too :wink: )

That’s probably because your prior session that got you into your new level had a lot of apprentice kanji that just levelled up to guru. You can avoid it by staggering your new kanji lessons

Yea it was a combination of guru-ing stuff from the previous lesson and unlocking next lesson at the same time.

I started to use reorder after i got similar batch of hieroglyphs. Wanikani Reorder Ultimate I learn radicals and kanji lessons when i level up and pick up vocabulary later when my head can swallow more things.

This time i luckily messed up some kanji so i got under 100 at lvl up.

I like to save my lessons for when Im at work so I have something to do, but outside of work I just like to do the large of amounts of lessons in small bites, like 5-15 at a time. Like when Im watching TV and it goes to commerical or playing video games online and waiting for matchmaking/friends to get on. I whip out my phone and knock out small groups over the course of the day. This also gives more spacing to reviews which is what I prefer after the initial 90+ reviews in the morning. And then at the end of the day I pull out my notebook and write down the new kanji/vocab to study between reviews if I get bored.

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I wish I had nothing to do at work…haha

Isn’t 46 the first 4 day level? Looks like you’re coming up on that… good luuuck~ :wink:

Yeah, I’m excited. (yes, really)

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I use to be against re-order first time I used it but after my review and lesson count got pretty high I started using it again and it really helps.

@Leebo, what’s your plan when you hit 60? Are you going to continue at your same pace to burn everything? Even after you burn everything, do you plan to stick around here on the forums?

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I plan to renew my yearly subscription in June. I do plan to keep burning things and visiting the forums.

Depending how I feel about it, and how much of a discount there is, I’d consider lifetime at the end of the calendar year. I would probably reset my level to, I dunno, 15 or something if I did that. Or at the very least, revive a ton of vocab.

Yeah, the end-of-year sale is what got me to purchase lifetime.

After I burn everything, I’m not sure if I’ll want to reset my level or not. Part of me wants to, especially since I’m lifetime, but the other part of me feels I should just spend that time reading actual native material and maybe spending more time in the Japanese Only section of the forum. Maybe both. I dunno. I’ll decide when that time comes.

I’m glad to know you’ll be sticking around on the forums. I find your posts to be very insightful.

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