[OBSOLETE] Wanikani Lesson Spoiler Removal

mtcleary said... I like this, normally I like to cycle through my lessons to memorize reading first and meaning always annoys me because I can't do that, and end up getting the meaning stuck in my head.
Reordering the lesson tabs to show reading before meaning is possible with this: /t/Userscript-Wanikani-Lesson-Tab-Transmutation/12189/1

It should be an awesome combo with this script.

However, it needs to work with firefox. :-) Anyone know if there's anything similar to this somewhere that works for firefox? Also, an option to turn it on and off would be nice.
Sorry, but it seems like Firefox is the new IE. Even super simple stuff like this doesn't work sometimes.

Good idea for the script though!
 Actually requested by @Dipesh