(Obsolete) [UserScript] WaniKani Double Check

:point_right: [v2.0.1] - Added ‘retype’ button. Changed hotkeys. Fixed delay/item_info bug. Added SRS notices. :point_left:

New feature:

Press <escape> or click ‘retype’ button to retype your answer. (ONLY USE FOR TYPOS!!)

Changed Hotkeys:

Press + to mark as correct.
Press - to mark as incorrect.
Press <escape> to retype answer.

“Mistake Delay” changes:

You can optionally prevent double-taps on the <enter> key to prevent skipping past important info and potential mistakes. There are three configurable options:

  • When you answered wrong (default: enabled)
  • When your answer is slightly off… e.g. a typo (default: disabled) ← was previously enabled!
  • When an item has multiple meanings (default: disable)


  • Pronunciation audio will no longer play twice (unless you change your answer multiple times)
  • SRS level-ups / level-downs are now displayed normally (i.e. when meaning and reading are both answered).
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