(Obsolete) [UserScript] WaniKani Double Check

The top-post sounds like the script was primarily for marking things wrong when they are marked “a bit off”, but accepted when they actually shouldn’t be. But it sounds like many of you are using it to correct typos that get marked wrong. Is there something else that this script does that Override doesn’t do for the latter case?

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I think the biggest difference from override is that, instead of having to re-enter the word a second time when it comes back through the queue like the override script (an “ignore function”), this script’s button turns an incorrect answer to be detected as correct automatically (or the opposite, for the super honest. A bit more convenient than the override script in that way, but even easier to abuse. :sweat_smile:

The ignore answer button in Override doesn’t work on an answer that WK marks correct, which is a thing that is pretty important for me as EFL. I do prefer how Override puts an item back in the review queue, but in the grand scheme of things I prefer being able to make sure an answer I know I got wrong will not be marked as correct.

It’s also useful for typo correction or for answers that are correct but the wording was off, but the Override script already does that.

I agree, override is a temporary solution. The double check script allows you to fix things that were marked right which should be wrong, and in general is easier for typos.

Gotcha. The ignore button always shows up, so I wasn’t sure if it worked on right answers or not. Good to know!

:point_right: [v2.0.0] - Replacement for Ethan’s now-defunct Double Check script. :point_left:

HOTKEY: Press “!” (exclamation mark) to toggle between Correct and Incorrect.

As always, please use responsibly. Don’t mark a wrong answer as correct unless your brain got it right but your fingers hit the wrong keys. Any other reason is only robbing yourself of an opportunity to learn and practice Japanese.

While this script attempts to mimic Ethan’s original, it’s actually a totally new script patched together from some of my other stuff. I had never tried Ethan’s version, so some functionality may be different.

Tested in Chrome. Seems to work well, but no guarantees.

MAY NOT MIX WELL WITH OTHER SCRIPTS that manipulate the review process.
Reorder Ultimate seems to be fully compatible, but that’s the only one I tested.
If I had to guess, there may incompatibility with ‘lightning mode’ and ‘mistake delay’.
This script contains most of the functionality of Mistake Delay, so you probably don’t need both.

[Attn: @Toyger, @konekush, @DaisukeJigen, @ozthekeymaster, @mrahhal, @EiriMatsu, @Wonkyth, @NihongoWaBenkyot]


Looks like you have a setting to delay when the answer is slightly off. If you are slightly off do you get to try to answer again like in Close But No Cigar or do you just get to change the answer to wrong if you want?

You only have the option to mark it as right/wrong.
I’m not sure how I feel about adding a retry feature since it would be too easy for people to retry for the wrong reason, without really understanding the consequences. But I might consider adding it as a setting at the top of the script along with some warning text.

Can you use a different hot key? On my keyboard ! is a two button action, hiding on the 1 key. I’d prefer a single key if possible =)

And a huge thanks for making it! =D
I have found I kinda like the override script too though, having to actually retype it. I’ll see if I switch =)

Do you have a preference?

Two votes for that so far. I’m assuming that is only for wrong-to-right changes? Are you using it only for typos?

I have dyslexia and English is my second language, so I can’t survive without it cause of typos and not knowing how that word is spelled. As long as I know I meant that word.
Like today, I spelled faith instead of fate, but I did mean “meant to happen”, not religious faith. (this time it happened to be an actual word, but often I just can’t get it right). There are times I give up and type the Norwegian word, and if I agree it is the exact same meaning I mark it up/ignore. I don’t add the Norwegian as synonyms though, other than Byrå which I gave up on =P
So I most often need it on the English side, though my fast typing often leads to typos on the Japanese too. But I say it out loud while typing, so if I said it correctly but hit the wrong key somewhere I mark it up/ignore.

As for preference…
I can hit some single keys so you can see what is single keys for you as well and can work as a hot key?
, . - @ ¨ ´ + '
As well as keys that don’t make marks… space, shift… the ignore one use esc which I like =)
I’m on a mac with Norwegian keys, I find both Mac - Pc and Norwegian - English have quite a few differences. I’ve switched between them at times and struggled to find even basic keys =P

How would you feel about:

  • + to mark as correct
  • - to mark as incorrect
  • Esc to retry

(Other ideas?)

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Great idea! =D

Thank you so much for making this fixed version!! I was really struggling after the update broke the previous version.

FYI, this script seems to work with Lightning Mode, at least for me anyway. I’m using Safari 11.0.1 w/Tampermonkey.

It does something funky on screen when I hit enter to input my answer. But doesn’t look like there’s any adverse effects, so I guess it’s fine.

Thanks again!

Correct. It does not play well with mistake delay. But, if this script negates the need for it anyways…

Did notice one thing though. It now seems to take a blank answer as incorrect (hit enter before inputting an answer). Unless that’s an underlying WK change…

I’ll take a look at this ^^^

Also, if there are any missing features of Mistake Delay that you’d like to see included here, let me know. Some of the code in this script actually comes from my version of Mistake Delay

I had a review for a reading, was slightly off giving me “Close But No Cigar” since I have that script enabled. I tried again to spell it correctly and then it immediately went to the next question (no idea if I spelled it right or not) and then saw “WaniKani is looking for the undefined reading”.

Looks to do the exact thing the other Mistake Delay did, so no worries. Although it does seem to do more. Puts a delay when you ‘get it right’ by being very slightly off (spelling errors). Not a fan of a delay there, but its my own fault for sucking as this spelling thing.

There’s an setting for that at the top of the script.

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rfindley, a sincere thank you. This is a huge, important script for me.