"Null" issue during reviews

I have been having an issue with reviews today where the reading or meaning prompt will display as “null”, with the item in question effectively locking up reviews until the page is refreshed. I initially thought it may be tied to userscripts (I use double check), but after disabling I’m still getting the same issue. Any ideas as to what may be happening here? I’m currently unable to complete a review session because I’ll run into the same error every time.

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I was just about to make this same post. I too thought it might be userscripts, but I disabled tampermonkey and am still having the same issue. I was using compatibility mode for scripts before anyways.

Here’s a screenshot of the issue.

Just got the same thing as well.

“me too”…

Captura de pantalla 2021-09-30 a las 16.56.28

Weird… why did it accept こくむ?

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I had the same thing happen where the page locked up. I refreshed, and after a few reviews the input field decided it thought is was on a reading when in fact it was on a meaning.

I checked to ensure that my IME wasn’t accidentally set on Japanese. Not that I wouldn’t notice because the IME pops up the completion box and that wasn’t happening here. This was WK’s japanese input, not the IME’s.

The gremlins are totally working overtime today.

Edited: both problems I saw today, the lockup and the out of sync input box exhibited themselves without the Null that other people are seeing.

I have no clue :smiley:

For now I complete reviews using FLying Durtles, which only synchronise data to WK but has local verification…

just had the same thing happen, very weird.

Same here, it seems to accept whatever answer you type in but refuse to move forward.

Same, result will show green, but can’t move forward. Sometimes the keyboard will glitch and write half the input in kana and the other half in romaji, and then still show green.

That’s new and there goes my theory about the review input being out of sync with the review item.

I’m having the same issue.

Considering that we are all suddenly having the same issue, I assume it’s nothing on our end and it’s most likely something on Wanikani’s end. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. In the meantime, I’ll use Flaming Durtles and hopefully that will get around the problem.

Just wanted to add that it seems to be only reviews that are affected by this. I did my reviews on Flaming Durtles as well, which gave me a handful of new lessons, and I was able to complete those on WK without issue.

I had the same problem while working on the vocabulary word 障る. I refreshed WaniKani once and ran into the “Vocabulary null” issue again on the same word.

Not sure whether it matters, but I remembered that I had “Script Compatibility Mode” enabled in the settings (for a previous unrelated issue). I turned it off just to see if it’s fix anything, and surprisingly I was able to complete my reviews.

Not sure if that was a coincidence, but worth a shot :man_shrugging:

Not sure if it got fixed, or if turning off script compatbility helped, but I can do my reviews at least.

Using scripts and Tampermonkey in Firefox here.

I am having this issue even with all my scripts off.

I’ll try turning off script compatibility mode.

Turning off compatibility script mode also fixed my review issues.

I tested prior to turning off script compatibility and the issue persists, but turning it off seems to have resolved the issue for now. Thanks for the suggestion, I didn’t even think to try this.

I also can confirm turning script combality does fix the issues for me

Sorry about that, looking into the issue and will update when I know more.