Nuance of 虜

According to this:

If I point to someone and say “僕の虜です”, then would a Japanese person think I am I a kidnapper or just very sexy?


It appears like it’s either captive; prisoner if you’re talking about someone else (or yourself), and victim (of love); slave (to one’s lust) if you’re talking either about yourself, or about a third-party (not related to you, like literary or whatever), but saying someone is your victim of love is a bit weird even in English.

So, either a kidnapper, or making a joke at least.

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The word just means “captive.” It can be used figuratively though. The WK synonyms are a little misleading. They really should be like “slave (to lust)” where the “to lust” part is just anything that someone could become obsessed with or captivated by. If you don’t specify something, it just sounds like you’re saying “captive” or “slave.”

If you pointed at someone and said that, they’d just think you were weird at best.


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