[Now Voting!] Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: Ogawa Mimei: Collection of Children's Stories

They read material for absolute beginners and we read material for beginners. That totally clears it up, right? :roll_eyes:

Seriously though, it is really hard to explain. The main difference I guess is that we’re reading teen/adult level material (even If obviously on the easier side) whereas it seems like they are reading material targeted towards kids. I wouldn’t bother explaining that though, in case it’s inaccurate or confusing.

Absolutely :joy:

No, I definitely wasn’t going to go the route of trying to define the difference! - hence pointing people towards the sample pages. Yeah, that was basically my initial impression. The nominations just feel pretty variable, but never mind ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Well, while they do have some stuff aimed at kids in there, they also focus on graded readers.
In terms of numbers, I feel like they are trying to aim for an N5~N4 level, while this club is more at an N4~N3 level. (And the intermediate book club should probably aim for N3~N2 to follow suit).


Where did you go in Piccadilly? Do you remember the store name? I tried to search for a bookstore in London online, but couldn’t find anything particularly i nteresting (or well reviewed), and unfortunately I don’t have enough time to have a walk around and explore :frowning:

JP Books? https://goo.gl/maps/guX21RnnWND2

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It is JP Books on Denman Street, just around the corner from Jamie’s Italian. https://shop.jpbooks.co.uk/en/
For some reason their main website automatically sends you to the online store, but the full address is on the bottom of the store page.

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Ah, that’s cool, I know where it is. Thanks!
How are the prices? Is it better than ordering from amazon japan?

Just being nosey, but do you know if they stock jlpt preparation books like sou matome or kanzen master?

The two easy readers I got for myself were £10 for the 160 page book ( Kokugo Kyokasho Ni Detekuru) and £13 for the 240 page book. For Kokugo Kyokasho Ni Detekuru CDJapan currently want £5 for the book and £3-6 for delivery depending on how long you are willing to wait. So slightly more expensive than shipping them in yourself, but you do get to flick through them.

I am not sure how much the volume of One Punch Man I got for my son was, because now I look at the receipt, they charged me twice for one of the easy readers and didn’t charge me for the manga…

@Kyayna They had at least a shelf of JLPT books. Not much N5, but lots of N1-4. They also had Genki, Mina nihongo and lots of other text books. I did spend a while browsing the section of “Learn English for Japanese people” until I realised what I was examining and quickly moved on :wink:


Thanks, that’s perfect!
and also, I’m pretty sure everyone has done that more than once as well xD happened to me once when I was living in Australia. Was the only non-japanese person in the shop at the time and I felt like everyone was looking at me weirdly.


That’s probably because everyone was looking at you ahahaha

@frugal I’ll give it a go. I’m currently trying to sort out a second kindle to use for japanese to save on delivery and import costs. It’s a shame the prices are high, from the sound of it there is no much chance of saving by going there directly, although it’d be nice to be able to browse the books before buying them. I’ll definitely give it a go!


I just realised I forgot to include Aria Volume 5 with my order :sob: gg

Guys, we need to pick what we’re reading third, after Zenitendou, so that I can feel less bad about putting another order in :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well, if it’s an emergency, we could always go on to the next thing in line…


:grin: I like your thinking

except that wouldn’t help me because I already own it :joy:


Argh! Don’t mention Aria T__T I’m like 4-5 chapters behind. Was super busy recently and didn’t manage to do all my studying (had to prioritise 時をかける少女) :frowning: I need 28 hours long days… Can we sort this out?


@Naphthalene can you code a script for this?


I wish. I could use that script myself.


That would be nice…


In case you missed this:

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@Pamput don’t forget to vote in the Aria poll!