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It’s from ReLIFE. Haven’t watched it though.


I watched part/most of it. It’s an interesting show/concept. You get the choice to redo your life from HS on if you’re a washed up adult. The main character is nice and an actually decent guy. They acknowledge the weirdness of being an adult with the appearance of a teen who is actually going to school in a fairly normal and not pervy way. The particular character in the gif is a girl who doesn’t really get social interactions so she’s constantly confused by her peers but is also stone-faced so people just think she’s cold. I never finished the show out of lack of general interest and the allure of other shows.


it’s hard to explain and I don’t always realize immediately when it does fluctuate but yeah I’d say I do have an internal sense of gender. Ever since I realized I’m trans and started presenting more how I want I’ve become a lot more comfortable and confident in myself. I typically like presenting feminine regardless of how my internal gender is at a given time. I’m not sure if this is because of trauma from being seen as and forcibly raised as a cis man for most of my life that I’m afraid going near anything masculine, or that I just simply enjoy feminine presentation more. When I am feeling a different gender I like being called different pronouns and that’s about it for me personally.


Thank you very much for explaining the details! :slight_smile:


@Ditto20 , I have a question. You did read all 4 volumes of FukaBoku, right? What do you think of later volumes? I’m curious what’s your opinion about the story development. (Without spoilers, of course.)


I personally liked all of them so far :slight_smile: (and I also like the chapters of the fifth and final volume that have been released so far - the newest chapter is always readable for free online for a month so I’ve been keeping up with them from after volume 4 was released).

There are a couple of things in the story I’ve personally found pretty relatable, and overall I like how the series, even if it has some drama that occasionally gets slightly heavier, is a bit more lighthearted than many stories about LGBTQ+ people often can tend to be(at least in manga). There are also some things from the first volume that I was a bit ambiguous about that in my opinion got resolved pretty nicely when they actually were dealt with fully. (but opinions I’ve seen online from other LGBTQ+ people about how well it handles various things vary. A lot of people find it really relatable, some find it very unrealistic, some have an opinion somewhere in between the two, some people just don’t like the somewhat “cutesy” art style. Oh, and a decent amount of people don’t like the cover of the first volume :laughing: ).

Other than that, one more general miscellaneous thing I noticed is that it gradually starts using the proper terms for stuff more as the series progresses(I read an interview with the author and apparently that’s partially because they got permission from the publisher to be more explicit about things after the series did pretty well overall and the publisher became convinced it’d still sell well. The author commented on how there were some things that they did research on and interviewed people about that they originally thought they wouldn’t actually get to use in the story but that did get to show up eventually).

Overall… to be honest I mostly feel like I would want it to continue longer because I feel like there’s a lot more it could do that it hasn’t yet :laughing: (but the spot I think it’ll end at should still probably make for a decent ending)


My mental path was pretty much identical to Nath’s :grin:

“Er, this looks… questionable… Oh, Ditto nominated it, it must be fine!”

I need some help with the emoji(s) for FukaBoku’s title! To my great distress there are no emojis for the fe/male symbols which would have been most appropriate - the only other idea I have is :coffee: because it revolves around a cafe, but that’s not a very unique identifier for a Japanese manga…


That’s really weird indeed! Maybe it’s even worth pointing out to Discourse.

I only found some not very intuitive ones:

:restroom: (this is the first one I found and it kinda fits but it’s a bit confusing that it’s a toilet sign after all)

:people_holding_hands: :two_women_holding_hands: :couple: :two_men_holding_hands: (These are a bit hard to recognize, I guess)





Didn’t we have this conversation sometime previously? I definitely remember this coming up before with … someone.

They’re in Unicode.


Wow, yeah, that is something so natural that SHOULD be in the massive list!

:rainbow_flag: is always an option =)


You can also use the Japanese IME. ♂ is おす and ♀ is obviously めす (and × is ばつ, although it might be a different symbol)


Yay, FukaBoku won. I’m not interested in Nichijou at all so I’m just gonna skip it. :grin:

Too bad, it looks really cute and interesting. I think I’ll read it on my own sometime


We have a home thread!


Or, we could form a splinter club? :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m interested in both upcoming mangas, but I promised myself not to buy any new manga until I finished a good chunk of what I already own. D: To break a promise with myself that I made for a good reason (I want to be a manga reader, not a manga collector), or get in on the action… Although I have read quite a few book club picks after the fact, and that have usually been nice too.


I don’t want to tempt you into breaking your manga buying ban, so feel free to ignore this if you think it’d be a slippery slope into giving up your resolution for good, but this is what works for me: I’m on a semi-book buying ban (max. one new book per month until I’ve finished a good chunk of the unread books I already own) but I make an exception for book club picks because to me, they’re more like study material than manga I’d leisurely read in my free time. Since there’s only a new pick every few weeks/months and they’re being read slowly chapter by chapter, they’re not really contributing to my reading backlog.


Although I’m reading quite a few manga already, I’d certainly be up for it. :sweat_smile:


When will Nichijou be started?

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april, 17(one week after the last week of the other one)