[Now Voting!] Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: 耳をすませば

The previews on ebookjapan are generally better so check there.

For some reason, it has furigana for 体 and a few other words like 黄昏.

I really like it too!
I may add that to the pile of stuff I am already reading… Maybe I shouldn’t spend so much time on the forum.

Edit: ha
*moans in French*


It looks like vol. 1 is free to download until 9/13! o:

-quick everyone go download a copy just in case-


No, it’s only free to read until then. The copy will expire after that date.

Welp, rip me. :joy:

I opened the ebookjapan browser reader, and apparently there are 1843 free manga?

Where do you see that? I’ve downloaded a lot of temporarily discounted 0円 manga copies on there and still have access to them on my shelf

Have you tried reading them though? Some are free to “buy” temporarily. Others (especially lately) are free to rent temporarily and then expire. My copies of The Promised Neverland and Non Non Biyori have both expired for example. And I’m pretty sure the text indicated the same thing for this one (but I could be wrong).

EDIT: This one looks like it might be to keep permanently? It’s hard to tell.

Some are copies that expire, but from my experience the ones that are actually discounted are free to keep – and yes, for example the first 3 volumes of Noragami were discounted to 0円 a few weeks ago, and though the campaign ended, I still have access to all three (l’m looking at vol. 1 right now)

It seems to be the case for Planetes as well, it at least couldn’t hurt to download it and see if you still have it on 9/14 :upside_down_face:


Oh I already ordered it on both websites just in case. As you said, it can’t hurt. :slight_smile:

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That seems to be the case, there are a few volumes of manga that I can read for free on the browser reader, but if you search them, they still have a price. Which is not the case for Planetes Volume 1.

This for another manga



This for Planetes



On bookwalker they actually have alternate versions of the book so they can expire even after download. I didn’t see that in this case.

Thanks for the tip!

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Ah nice. Gotta look out for that 割引中!

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So, I wasn’t able to narrow it down any further, but a few of the books here and most of the books here are discounted to 0円.

I’m all up for free books.

Edit: After a lot of clicking, I think I got it. Everything here is free.

There’s Planetes, School Prison, Initial D, Satanophany, Real Account, Tenkuu Shinpan, Alive, Apocalypse no Toride, Shingeki no Kyojin, Beck, RiN, Saint Oniisan, Piano no Mori, Battle Angel Alita, and a lot of other stuff.

I have 51 volumes in my cart.



It’s pretty addicting, isn’t it :laughing: I can get lost on ebookjapan for a while

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It's free real estate


If it works, I'll have a lot of time to read all this, if not, at least I tried


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I got the three free volumes of Piano no Mori and this one with a cool cover. Honestly it’s too much to go through to see if any of the others actually seem interesting.

The last 3 pages have the better stuff (imo, seinen and shounen).
It’s free, though.
Although I’ve read most of these, so I already know what to expect, just in Japanese. :sweat_smile:

Ooo Planetes is free right now on Kindle too, in case anyone prefers reading on there ^^