[Now Voting!] Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: 耳をすませば

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But that’s a reason to vote, not a reason to vote specifically for TGWLTT despite the reservations being expressed over it.


Hi :slight_smile:
Can you add me too? Though I am not sure if I am able to keep up, but it sounds really cool.

I added you as a ‘will order the book’ person - let me know if you want to be something different :blush:

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Hey, but I guess people just skip all the comments and choose to vote on the title that’s more familiar to them. In this case, TGWLTT has a well-known movie for most.

I think we should put a warning or something on the poll post about its difficulty.


I would absolutely love to read this😊! I recently read 羊男のクリスマス by Murakami. It’s also illustrated and an easy and fun read.

You forgot the last option: Anonymous voters are trolling us to get us to read a more difficult book.


Thank you :slight_smile:
what are the options? :smile:

No problem! The options are:

:open_book:: Has the book/manga and is currently reading along.
:closed_book:: Has the book/manga but is not yet reading.
:truck:: Has ordered or will order the book/manga.
No symbol: Is a member of the book/manga club, but is not currently participating.

I’m not really sure what the distinction should be between the last two when we’re organising the next book but still reading the last, but I guess if you’re intending to join the next run you should be truck symbol! If you’re going to wait and see what gets selected, then maybe no symbol would be better.

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Ah okay thanks a lot :blush:
Hm i guess i should go with no symbol for the time being. I tried to read the first two chapters which are available online. It is very hard for me since i havent had that much grammar lessons until now either.
I try to catch up for the next book :slight_smile:

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Done! Hope you’re able to join in for the next book :blush:

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Me too! :nerd_face:

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Yeah, that’s what I did. :sweat_smile: I want to join the next round, so I went ahead and voted. I liked the movie so I thought I might stick with the book even if I struggle with it. I mean, at least we would all struggle together, right? :smiling_imp:

But I assume that’s how the whole Kiki story went down. I mean, I personally would prefer a magical realism novel over a fantasy manga, (as the latter is not really my cup of tea), but if it is for the sake of learning then I wouldn’t really mind it.


But the movie version of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time isn’t really even an adaption of the book. The characters aren’t even the same. I think it just has similar themes.


If we were to create a poll asking people why they choose what they do (which might actually get me to participate in the poll thread, at least for that one thing), this is what I’d suspect is happening. Ditto for Kiki.


I had a feeling Kiki was too hard, so I didn’t join you last time. I edited myself to the OP as one who will order the book.

By the way, who put together the vocabulary list for Kiki? It’s quite impressive. Will there be one for the next book?

The intention is that anyone participating in the book club can add to the vocab list. I see no reason not to continue creating them for all future books.

For Kiki’s vocab list, as far as I can tell, only @Kyasurin and I are still adding vocabulary to the list. But hopefully others are still using it even if they aren’t adding to it.

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Also, I have an idea for how to avoid choosing books that are too difficult. After this next book is selected (go Aria!), all previous nominations are removed and must be renominated. Required with each nomination would be the first three pages of the book and up to three additional pages (so that there is some variety). At the end of the nomination post must be a public poll where people can vote on how easy the book is based on the pages posted. Or maybe the polls should be included in a subsection of the main post in this topic. Either way, the average difficulty rating for each book can be included with the list of nominations and we can even eliminate books that have too high of a difficulty rating. This would add some overhead, but it might be worth it to avoid choosing books that are too difficult.


I’m too sleepy to comment on the other aspects, but I think eliminating suggestions and requiring they be re-nominated would help to keep the list under control anyway, and including page samples seems very sensible.

A planning thread for this coordination thread (which is already kinda long) sounds good and doesn’t seem like it would be difficult to manage.

We could do it in parallel with the reading thread, but I’d suggest we delay accepting nominations until after we’ve been through at least the first chapter or two of the current pick (c’mon, Aria!).

If I understand where you’re going with the idea, this should have the following benefits:

  • provide plenty of time for people to present their candidates(s) with samples and rationale
  • not distract people who just want to read whatever gets chosen, trusting others to make the informed decisions they’re not ready to vet (this is a beginner-level group, after all)
  • ensure that anyone putting forth a suggestion has a frame of reference for difficulty (at least relative to the ongoing book, if they didn’t participate in the past, keeping the barrier to entry low for newcomers to help guide the group)
  • allow more-difficult suggestions from people at the upper-beginner/low-intermediate level to fall away gracefully as they move on to harder material
  • give lurkers and future learners a resource they can use to find interesting material that didn’t make the bookclub cut, but might be well-suited to their own reading progress
  • give members of this club a record of why something was rejected so it doesn’t take time away from finding new content or so they can challenge the counterarguments
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Yeah, I think that’s what happened with Kiki as well :slight_smile: I think the debate here is more over whether and how to make sure that the options presented in the poll are of an appropriate level for the book club.