[Now Voting!] Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: 耳をすませば

Where did all the Haikyuu and Conan voters come from, it was FukaBoku and Shimeji on top when I voted :joy: I’m glad Hanako-kun got some more love, though


Looks like @Radish8 was successful in their campaign to mobilize half the Internet™ to vote in the poll :joy_cat:

Next time we should make sure that only those voters get mobilized that vote correctly :grin:



I will be closing the poll this evening

Please make sure you’re happy with your vote (you can click ‘show vote’ if you need to change something), and perhaps take the opportunity to check the samples of the top few contenders on comic.pixiv if you haven’t already.


There’ve been several times recently (recently in Book Club Time, that is :grin:) where regular participants have missed out on voting because they didn’t realise or I closed the poll too quickly…


Oh, that was no complaint, not at all! I really liked your broadcasting activity, and it seems to have mobilized some people, so it was a very good move :+1:


True that, 67 voters and counting!


I’m perfectly happy with my vote. It’s everyone else’s that I’m not-so-excited by. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh by the way, am I right in assuming that we will read the top two picks in succession?


I hope so! It would be nice to have two very different books to read, back-to-back. Delivery times being what they are at the moment, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have the extra lead time.

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Neither is indicated as “short”, though :thinking:
Edit: ハイキュー has only 7 chapters though.

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If I recall correctly it also had a ton of text compared to most of what the beginner book club has read manga-wise though. Out of the manga I’ve read from the current nominations and past beginner book club manga I’d only say MHA seems like it could be harder, because of having more unusual vocab(and haikyuu has 190 pages, which seems to be about as long as “normal” non-special edition manga get? The last chapter starts on page 170 something)

(But I guess fruits basket is similar :thinking: Both in volume length and having a lot of text)


Oh, I didn’t look into the mangas itself, I just assumed “manga = short”.

And with FB we read a chapter per week regardless (with the exception of the very first chapter which was split).


Yes, when I went to check the table of contents I realized it was free to read on booklive right now, so I just read the first chapter and it is text-heavy indeed.
also, having watched the anime, it’s a bit boring since I already know what will happen… Maybe I should reconsider my vote.

I thought so too actually, but @Radish8 had a list of “short” picks so I thought that stopped to apply?


I think historically we’ve only preselected two manga if the first would be read for 6 weeks or less.


As my first native reading material I used that to my advantage :eyes: Though I’m not voting for it now since I’m on volume 38 already :caught_durtling: I guess @Naphthalene-先輩 probably doesn’t need to have watched the anime first to follow what’s going on in the manga :joy:


Wow Hanako kun made such a huge comeback! I wasn’t expecting that. First couple of days it was in the last 4 and now its third place right after Haikyuu!
They’re both really great and both are really special for different reasons so if either get voted i’ll be really glad :heart_eyes:



Last time around we preselected Yuru Camp and Fruits Basket together. And Yuru Camp ran for 7 weeks plus “wrap-up” (I don’t recall whether that was an “official” week on its own, but it has its own date and does not overlap with FB).

(meant to reply to @seanblue but Discord lost that information in the process, sorry)



Snapshot of results:

  • Votes: 68
  • Total votes: 200
  • Average votes: 2.94

I need to know how much time I have left to stalk the homes of those who’ve left votes on the table.


Isn’t that also because those two were perfectly tied in the previous poll? :slight_smile:

Hm, maybe not:

It’s even stated in this poll’s rules :joy_cat: (which I had totally overlooked tbh)

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