[Now Voting] Advanced Japanese Book Club // Now reading: マリアビートル

That’s weird… AniList says there are 59 chapters over the 7 volumes, but I just checked my English copy and also don’t see any chapter breaks…

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Mmm, I was thinking half a volume a week would probably be about right. That would mean we’d read three volumes if we wanted to run for six weeks (which is short for a club run).


I was thinking about getting a second hand set from Mandarake…

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Usually we just read the first volume with the book club and if people are interested in continuing further, they can form a spin-off club while the regular book club proceeds to the next pick. If we read one volume in two weeks, though, this might be a bit different. But it’s definitely not that we’d want to force ourselves to spend 6 weeks on the series just for the sake of spending the time - we had manga clubs of 4 weeks in the Intermediate Club so having a manga club of 2 weeks here sounds totally fine. (That’s why we’d read the second pick straight after it without running a new poll.) I think I’d leave this to the interested people to decide (along with the concrete schedule) once the book got picked.


I will say that while I’d like to read Nausicaa if it wins (though not enough to actually vote for it), the timing is terrible. Volume 12 of とんがり帽子のアトリエ is coming out on June 22nd, so I’m certainly not ordering manga just 1-2 weeks earlier for Nausicaa. But then if I wait the club could be over already (if it’s just one volume) or 1/2-1/3 over if it’s 2 or 3 volumes, which isn’t great.

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I really wouldn’t know the typical reading speed - this club is still yet to vote for a book that actually interests me. :stuck_out_tongue: Though on the flip side, multiple experienced Advanced Book Club and/or Extensive Reading Club members have told me in the past that they considered Nausicaä to be beyond even them, so I didn’t want to scare them off. :slightly_smiling_face:

It was originally serialised in Animage in 59 chunks. I guess when they released them in tankobon form they decided to remove any breaks.



Post 1 in the thread says 30-50 pages a week and that’s about where the last few clubs have set the pace. For me that’s typically 1.5 to 2 hours reading.

Eh, I think that’s a bit much. If this club reads 30-50 pages per week of books like この本を盗む者は, 狼と香辛料, and 薬屋のひとりごと (just to name the ones I read/tried) I don’t see how reading 60 pages of Nausicaa (any manga really) could possibly be a problem. Even if Nausicaa is harder (which I kind of doubt; I suspect it’s about the same) it should be easily manageable simply from the relatively low amount of text.


Greetings from Japan! I finally have actually gotten the opportunity to visit after the countless hours of reading and studying!

I got to visit a Tsutaya book sotre! What an excellent experience to actually get to buy books in person. I’ll finally actually be able to make some nominations of my own once I get home.

I figured I’d check in just to say I’ve missed the book clubs and I’m looking forward to coming back soon.

I saw there was some talk of Murakami and of Nisio Isin, both of whose books I’ve really enjoyed. Murakami can certainly get very graphic. I agree that they can feel like a dream once they’re over. I’m on the last book of 1Q84 now and loving it.


I see we still have a tie for second place…


I… erm… took care of that :sweat_smile:

And with this I am happy to announce our winner:

風の谷のナウシカ :tada::tada::tada:

followed by the second winner

マリアビートル :tada::tada:

We will read both picks in succession, with a one-week break in between. @Belthazar and @Escalus , would you be willing to run the respective clubs for them?


Of course :slight_smile:


Can we have a vote (or a decision) on how much of Nausicaa we’re going to read? I think 1 vol/2 weeks is a rather short club and I’d probably just skip that – I’d much rather we take 4 or 6 weeks and cover 2 or 3 volumes of it.


Would it make sense to first set up a home thread for it and discuss these issues there? In my mind this belongs in the „book club scheduling“ department which we usually do in the book club thread itself.
Or do you see a strong reason to discuss this here in the common thread that I am not aware of?

(Of course the outcome needs to inform the start date of the second club, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the whole discussion needs to be run here, is my take.)


Sure, but we don’t have a separate thread yet…

That’s why I asked @Belthazar whether they’d want to run the club… (which would imply for me they‘d set up a thread for it as well). Maybe he is already sleeping so it would take until tomorrow. If that’s an issue I could set up a preliminary home thread and ask the mods to make him the owner?


Don’t worry, there’s no huge rush about setting up the thread for it.


This is really bad… I think I want to join both those book clubs but I really don’t have time for that… :sweat_smile:


We aren’t going to run both clubs at the same time, so maybe you can squeeze them in somehow :innocent:


Oh boy, I’ve never had a nomination win before. But sure, I guess I’m able to run the club. Someone gotta tell me when it needs to start, though. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was definitely “already” sleeping when you posted this, though as it was 5am, “still” is probably the better word. Now you’re getting まだ and もう confused even in English. :stuck_out_tongue: