[Now voting!] Advanced Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: アンダーグラウンド

I’ve added the schedule to the 傲慢と善良 😤😇 (Advanced Book Club) thread, it will be 12 weeks, please “Watch” the thread if you haven’t done so already and might be reading it :slight_smile:

If you’re still on the fence, here’s a tiny bit more information on the book: while I said it was sort of a romance novel, and seems to be classified in 恋愛 in some places, and the word 恋愛 in fact appears on the obi, from what I understand it’s actually really not a romance novel. My friend said it was more mystery-like? (which would make sense, since he’s looking for the girl). She also said it’s the kind of book “that makes you think” and that has a somewhat unclear ending.