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Are the page numbers different between those two editions? Is there just an offset between them or are there bigger differences? (Somebody mentioned that some text was only in one of the two versions; can we find out how much is missing there?)

Sorry for being a bit unhelpful here but I only have the ebook version of the old edition…

Me too actually. But I think the ebook will be the same as the hard copy because page numbers are actually printed on a few of the pages. Chapter 1 starts at page 5 (chapter cover) and the last page is 52. So I guess there are some pages in the old edition that are not in the collector’s edition…?

Yes, even the index contains page numbers. And, luckily, these are the same as the ebook page numbers! (Usually the ebook page numbers are shifted by 2 because of the cover, which can get a bit annoying.)

So that means the old chapter 1 has 48 pages while the collector’s edition only has 46 pages… :face_with_monocle:

I think it’s because the original publication starts with a little gag comic, but the collector’s edition moves this comic to a different chapter.

I hope that no one minds that I added some conditional formatting to the vocab sheet to take care of the colors for the pages and to make every other row a bit darker for readability


Week 2 is live :tada:

I have fixed the lack of emoji in the title, and I added page numbers for both versions (“old” and “Collector’s”). I only took the page numbers from the ebook, so if you notice that I messed up somehow, please speak up!


I love the basket :grin:


Its absence nagged at me ever since :rofl:


I very much like the authomatic coloring of page numbers!

Not sure who is in charge of the spreadsheet, but since this week’s thread had been created, I’ve made a tab for week 2 (hope that’s fine).

I also think it would be good to have a link to the corresponding tab of the spreadsheet in the weekly threads. I personally find them very convenient.


It’s me! Well, I’m keeping an eye on it, in any case! :laughing:

I probably should’ve done this earlier, so thanks for doing it instead! :joy:

This is a great idea. Could you do this, @NicoleRauch?


That’s a good idea! I need to ask a favor in return, though :wink:

Could you please add all the tabs to the spreadsheet already? Because I’m using a generator script for the threads, and I would like to add the spreadsheet links all at once (so that I need not think of them each week). Thanks! When that’s done, I will add the links to the weekly threads.


Yep, I’ll get that done today! :wink:


Alright, all the tabs are formatted and in place! Sorry it took so long!


No worries, I was busy as well :upside_down_face:

Now the weeks’ threads contain links to the corresponding tabs in the vocab spreadsheet.

(If anybody notices in future threads that I accidentally linked the wrong tab, please ping me!)


How’s everyone finding the reading difficulty? It’s my second manga so I was expecting it to be hard, though I’ve seen the new anime with french subtitles.

I’m really enjoying it, I read through to the end of week 2 so now I can focus on the hard sentences during the week.


I think I’d do better if it wasn’t for the sometimes unrecognizable furigana :sob:


Yeah I ordered the physical edition, I’m sick of squinting my eyes


Week 3 is go! And takes us to Chapter 2 for a change :tada:


How’s everybody doing? I hope you’re reading along, as here is Week 4!


I just got the book so I’m gonna try to catch up! Totally agree that the furigana is tiny though :joy: