Now Re-Reading: JBC's 秋の牢獄 (Autumn Prison) 🍁 Discussion Thread

Ok I’m in.

I’ll start by pointing out that between this and No. 6 we have a lot of 濡れた things/people on page 1 of JBC selections.


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According to the dictionary I looked at すうっと means things like suddenly, directly, or things like slipping or gliding.

So the coldness she feels is as if a large snake suddenly slithered over her back… I think


I read it as “the sky above is the height of autumn”


Thats What I found too

I meant to say only ’ sound disappeared’ or without a sound. (naku means to disappear/die out, right?)I had in my head music because she started to listen to music, and I did catch this as I was writing it which is why I wrote sound, I thought I backspaced music but I guess I didn’t. As for the other words they didn’t come up in my dictionary or imiwa. So that’s why I couldn’t find it.

I thought 見上げる was modifying 空, so now I’m thinking maybe its " The sky I raised my eyes at is the height of autumn" So from what @katiesaccount said, then I guess she’s saying the sky is now as high as autumn, indicating that she notices it’s autumn now or something.


Okay got it, now I can follow your thoughts better here. You thought it had something to do with the TV sound. Listening to music comes only slightly later when she wants to combat the “chilly feeling” by smoking and putting on a CD: ミニコンポにCDをセットして音楽をかけると、。。。

Seems like it? I’ve never really noticed the “height” of the sky in autumn before but now that I think of it I guess on a crisp autumn day the sky does seem different somehow :thinking:

昼 は いつも 由利江 と 待ち合わせ て 一緒 に とっ て いる。- とっ て いる
not just that they are taking lunch together, but that they always meet for lunch

たとえて いうなら 胴回り の 一 メートル ほどもある 巨大な 蛇が、
私 の 背後 を 音 も なくすうっ と 通り過ぎて いく ような 感覚 だ。
so this one does stump me a bit: she is speaking figuratively, about a feeling of there being a giant snake one meter in girth, and there is also no sound in the background? or all background sound has been lost?
so basically she is feeling creeped out, but that’s about as much as i got out of it

カーテンの 隙間から 微かな西日が さ しこん で い た
through a crack in the curtain there was some faint bluish purple from the setting sun
I assumed she was referring to bluish purple light, based on the reference to the setting sun, not quite sure about the use of さ here though

Not to get picky but the topic here is 見上げる空 (not 私が見上げる空) – the narrator is not describing the action of looking up at the sky, but rather just giving a general description of what it’s like outside.

Maybe to be over-literal you could say the topic is “the sky looked up at”… but “the sky above” seems like a good translation for that?

The 音もなく here I believe is not referring to a lack of background noise or anything but that it feel like a giant snake is soundlessly slithering up her back.


that does make more sense :slight_smile:

At the time of reading, I believe I read it as sound. But when writing I had the whole scene in my head and mixed it up a little.

Me neither, maybe this qualifies as one of the weird aspects of Japanese thinking :thinking:

I don’t know I guess you’re right sorry @.@

I think sa is apart of this verb

so that would make it :the setting sun flowed in through a crack in the curtains.
That makes sense

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I’m liking the main character so far. I can really relate to one of her first thoughts on her second repeated day basically being “I wish I had eaten a lot more expensive sushi yesterday since I am living the day again and basically didn’t pay for it” :rofl:

Not really a spoiler but just in case…


yeah, that made me smile too

On pg 8. the narrator says: 普段外で吸うことがない… This 外 simply mean outside, right? Or is it part of a grammar point (something like outside the ordinary)?

Also, ミニコンポ??? Dictionary’s not much use and, while I get that it basically refers to a stereo, a google image search doesn’t reveal quite what defines this term - a disproportionate number of the images do have minidisc slots, but not all of them.

Ooooh! That sentence makes so much more sense with your translation. I knew all the vocab and grammar, but somehow I still couldn’t figure out the meaning. Thanks!

I remember needing to parse the second sentence, but I could handle it easy enough with only one J-E dictionary (can’t remember if I used JED on my phone or Jisho).

So somehow today I need to read 6+ pages to keep up, I think? How am I so far behind already?

The promised changes to the OP will come later this afternoon/early evening.

This only started Sunday, didn’t it? So you only need to read 4 pages, I think. First pages are always hardest since you’ve nothing to extrapolate from. Also, it gets easier when there’s a bit of dialogue. (Love turning a page to find the bottom half is all white space!)

Is the OP going to be a wiki, by the way?