Now Re-Reading: JBC's 秋の牢獄 (Autumn Prison) 🍁 Discussion Thread

I would be forever unable to drink :thinking: Though at point I could just steal alcohol get caught, and wake up in bed the next day.

I would be so worried that the one time I did something crazy and illegal, that would be when the repeating would stop and I would then be stuck in horrible-consequence-timeline.


I’ve been reading a little bit ahead (because I started early) and I have one small question. It doesn’t even affect the basic understanding of the plot, but I am just curious.
Page 27 line (or column?) 5


I don’t understand the first half of the sentence.

I think the first thing I would do would be to try out every restaurant in town.

I would also start conversations with strangers, just so I could mess with their heads on the next go around.

My first thought was that I would use my recently-acquired infinite free time to travel, like, everywhere. Imagine my disappointment when it was established that you get transported back home when midnight hits. At least you could take day-trips! Seems like long international flights would be difficult though, esp since it seems like she gets transported directly to the next morning without having any say in what time she sleeps?

わがって is 仙台弁 for わかって here’s a link about this

えがった is northeastern dialect for よかった for a detailed explanation go here.

So all together it should turn out this way, “いやあ、ここがわかってよかってなあ…”

Hopefully that helps clarify the confusion.


Interesting. I’m also getting a little head start on the next section and was a little puzzled at first, too. I guessed what the words were, but attributed it to ‘old-man-speak’. Interesting to see the real reasons for it.

@Snowflying - I had the same thought as you. I guess you could still travel most of Japan and fly to some Asian countries, though. Especially since you’d be able to time everything to perfection. Also, like @Scaso (and Bill Murray from what I remember), I’d definitely get up to a lot of いたずら. Maybe do some gambling each morning to get the funds up, too.


From what I read in one of the definitions, the dialect is dying. So pretty much only old people speak this way according to the person in the source I linked to.

@atrejub I’m with you about doing anything too riské and then have to pay the rest of my life for it. Perhaps I’m too goody-goody for a situation like this. haha

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I don’t think I would do anything bad, just come up to complete strangers and start talking about all the things i learned from them the last repeat. I’ve never been a joker, so i think it would be kind neat to try something new. Of course, just talking to strangers is new territory anyway.
But if you think about it, how much do you really know about the people you live around? With enough repeats you could actually get a chance to know everyone, at least as much as you can in a single day. Wouldn’t it be crazy to have had a conversation with every single person in your city?

I think I would be more outgoing because I would feel some familiarity with the people I would come across. But it would still be difficult because I would have to break through the outer exterior many have with people they’ve just met.

After my second read-through, I’m really intrigued by the 薄ら寒さ (chills, perhaps?) that Ai describes:

時折 、私は背筋から首筋のあたりがすっと冷えるのだ。

This time around I looked up 時折 and found out that it means “sometimes,” which I didn’t know. This makes it sound like it’s a phenomenon Ai experiences somewhat frequently, and that’s been happening for some time before the events of the book. The author goes into quite a bit of detail about it, describing it as a giant snake running all the way up the length of her back. I feel like the author would have included it for a reason - I wonder if it’s meant to say something about Ai’s character? Or perhaps it’s related to the day-repeating phenomenon?

I wondered that too, since the chills are mentioned more than once in the chapter, and it seems that she tried to combat them with her smoking and music, which are solitary activities for her. This cold snake description seemed to contrast temperature-wise with the description on the night she tried to stay out of her room to see if that would stop the repeat, as the 繰り返す moment started on the park bench, then she started to feel this enveloping warm membrane, which became her blanket when she woke up.

足の指の先や、膝小僧が急に温かくなった。どうしてだろう。目に見えない温もりの薄い膜が私を包んでいた。(p 16 in the paper version)

When she hangs up the phone with 由利江 and then says:


Does that translate as “until that moment I didn’t know that yurie was a 変人” or that she “had a 変人” (referring to the boyfriend).

The way I interpreted that line was like this: “Until that moment, I didn’t know that Yurie had a boyfriend.” Honestly, when I read through that part, I understood the intent. But the way it’s phrased never crossed my mind. If it were me saying this, I would’ve definitely phrased it differently, but of course it would sound weird to a Japanese speaker. Syntax is a beast, isn’t?

EDIT: Errgh, I’ve been changing the tense of the verb in the spoiler, thinking well it would be correct to say it this way because that is how it’s said in Japanese, but in English it said this way…I knew that studying a new language really messes with people at times, but I’d never thought that it would be to this extent…

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Weird! But the overall gist of it was that she’s suspicious of 由利江 all of a sudden, right? I sort of read the use of 変人 as making her boyfriend seem “off” somehow? Like “who’s this weird guy with her” and “now that I think about it, that was a weird story to tell me the other day about going fishing…” or something?

The passage from your question was right after the conversation she had with her friend. She was feeling scared and wanted to stay the night, but as you remember, Yurie gives the excuse that she can’t because her boyfriend is coming over to her house. It was at this moment that she realized the depth of the their relationship even though it had been decaying for some time. The sentence your talking about regarding the fishing trip she says, “日曜日に家族で釣りに行った話などを聞きながら、漠然と恋人はいないのであろうと思っていた。彼女とは一年生の時に同じクラスになって以来の付き合いだから、そろそろ二年近くなる。それなのに、なんとなくこの種の話題を敬遠していた。” So I read this part as in the fishing trip she vaguely remembers that there wasn’t a boyfriend in the picture. She had been hanging out with Yurie since freshman year, but she’s been coy about broaching that topic. Because of this situation, she’s in full reflection mode about her friendship with Yurie. At least that’s how I took the whole situation.

Ah I think I see… although I’m still quite confused about the use of 変人. And I also got the sense that she was asking to stay the night with 由利江 because she wanted to test out a theory that the 繰り返し wouldn’t continue if she woke up in a different place?

Maybe its because I’m looking at from the protagonist’s perspective, But I thought that was very selfish of her friend. I mean, if she truly believed ai, then she should help her friend. She can see her boyfriend tomorrow,but Ai is going to be trapped in the same day forever if no one helps her.

You’re right. I don’t think it’s a fair to say that she was scared. But she couldn’t sleep and she thought if she slept somewhere else it would change things.

As for 恋人 I’m not sure what you’re confused about? Could you explain what you’re confused about? Because I’m a little confused about what you’re confused about. *And I don’t mean that in any condescending way, so please don’t take it that way.

@AngelTenshi I’m with you as well. I think the whole situation reeked of her friend appeasing Ai to her face, but in reality she didn’t really believe her story and can’t admit that to her face.

EDIT: @chrispthompson I just noticed what you meant. I typed a completely different kanji than you did! It’s 恋人 not 変人

Yeah, it seems fishy, doesn’t it?

Ai even made the point that if the situation was reversed, she wouldn’t believe 由利江. So it makes it extra weird that not only was it so easy for 由利江 to believe, but then that she also seemed indifferent to helping Ai… makes me think 由利江 is in on it somehow!