November 13 2020 Content Updates

Thanks for your understanding! :bowing_woman:t3: :blush:
I hope you’ll all come across it as a proper noun sometime too, and that the はやぐち will come in handy then! :slight_smile:


I did exactly that as it happened! After looking it up on Jisho, Hayaguchi Station was listed under ‘Names’ so went for a bit of a virtual tour. Would have missed out on that neat little side journey if it hadn’t been updated :smile:


Do the updates apply automatically to things you have already passed? The reading はやぐち still seems to be present for me. Should it be gone?

Love your hat babes! Keep it classy :dark_sunglasses:



Regarding kanji: 留

I’ve found Genki gives the meaning of “to stay; to keep” to the kanji 留 while Wanikani does not give any of these meanings, nor main nor secundary meanings. How come? :confused:

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Hi! I don’t think it should be present. Are you looking at the subject page? Mine now looks like this (早口 is burned on my account):


Hi joaopduro! We usually use Jisho and Kanjipedia as our main references. Jisho gives the meanings “detain,” “fasten,” “halt,” and “stop” for . Kanjipedia does also include the meanings you mentioned, but we chose “detain” only because we try to have as few meanings for kanji as possible, to make it easier to memorize. Feel free to add other meanings as user synonyms if it is helpful for you though! :slight_smile:


I’m looking at the JSON file returned by (You can only see this file if you start a review session and check the network tab in your browser’s developer tools. If you just try to type the URL into your address bar, you won’t see anything.) In that file, if you have 早口 in your reviews, then the list of audio files for that item will include the はやぐち pronunciation. (If you don’t have the word in your current set of reviews, you won’t see it.)

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Also, completely unrelated question, but is there any chance you guys could obtain / host audio files for the readings of kanji items somewhere? You don’t have to actually integrate them into WaniKani, just put them somewhere userscripts could load them. I’m working on a rewrite of the review audio tweak 2 script and would like to add the option for people to hear audio for kanji items too, but I don’t have any source of audio files to use. Currently, WaniKani only provides audio for vocab items.

Hi est_fills_cando! We don’t currently have this and I don’t think it’s something we would do for a couple of reasons, but let me double check with the rest of the team and get back to you with a more definitive/detailed answer!

Tell me about it! I got none of these above guru cause I keep mixing them up!

Thank you for the hard work :+1:


Hi again est_fills_cando! To follow up on your question, we don’t have audio for kanji for a couple of reasons: kanji pitch accent changes depending on the vocab it’s in, and most kanji have multiple readings, so overall we don’t think audio for kanji is helpful for learning. I hope that makes sense!