Noun/Adjective, Verb and more Endings

I’m gonna take it back twofold. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I’ve actually started to learn a lot of these bigger words in English grammar and even though it does take time, knowing them makes it easier to express some things.

I’m probably going to make simplified notes on everything though… I’ll put them up somewhere.

Edit: They still write it very strangely though for some reason.

Edit2: For example;
“Standard Japanese is roughly understood as the standardized speech the majority of Japanese speakers understand and use, and it is mostly based on Tokyo speech.”
Why not just write “Standard Japanese is based on Tokyo speech.”?
Maybe I should say on the topic of standard japanese, standard japanese in standard japanese is standard as the most standard japenese to be standardized into standard japanese which is basically tokyo standard japanese. :laughing:

The qualifiers are there because “standard japanese is based on Tokyo speech” is an over-generalization.

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Is that so? :hushed: How is that?

Edit: Maybe I should say mostly based?

Well, even Tokyo has its own dialects, most notably the Yamanote dialect and the Shitamachi dialect.


Standard Japanese is basically a social construct of sorts, it’s similar to how when you watch TV in America, you’ll predominately hear “the” American accent despite that there’s a wide variety of different accents in America. It’s more pronounced with Japanese because in addition to accents there’s also dialects and such, and as Belthazar mentioned Tokyo has its own dialects that are separate from what is considered “standard” Japanese. The takeaway of “Standard Japanese is (mostly) based on the Tokyo dialect” is a reasonable takeaway, but my point was that the reason the sentence you originally quoted had qualifiers was because it was trying to explain some of the nuance, and not because it was trying to be overly wordy.

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I get it. Thank you both of you for explaining that, it makes sense now.
I definitely misunderstand some things I read as it’s not my strong suit, but I should take into consideration the amount of details I’m unaware of when going through this text.

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