Not sure what to focus on

Yeah I used to do a ton of anki reviews while making tea (I drink a lot of tea!) or going to the bathroom (as a result of drinking so much tea)!

I think so, I personally find that when I watch with Japanese subs my brain scrambles to read as quickly as possible rather than focusing on what’s being said! I prefer to practice reading separately with books :slight_smile:

Glad you asked, I made a big list of let’s play channels and videos I like here!

Also, I started this Let’s Play Watching Club thread, which I’m now myself sadly behind in my watching on! D:

After doing the graded readers for a while I played through Suikoden in Japanese, and that was really fun. I did look up a bunch of stuff but I did enjoy the process at the time, so that’s something you can have on the horizon but maybe not right now :slight_smile: