Not-so-slowly and steadily levelling up

That’s the strategy I adopted too! I think of the pending lessons like a textbook that you are given (or made to buy) at the beginning of a course - no one would be expected to sit down that day and read the whole thing!

While the number of apprentice items does affect the workload, I have stopped focusing on that too (admittedly, I do have good accuracy percentages with few leeches) and I just stick to the same number of lessons at the same time each day, day in day out. I also now always go back over my lessons before I hit the quiz button to make sure I do know the answers - this has helped to raise my accuracy / lower the leech count & workload.

I use the WaniKani Lesson Filter, and do one batch of 11 items, 3 radicals/kanji and 8 vocab, which gives me 40-50 apprentice items - I find the mental workload for the rads and kanji larger than for vocab, so this also gives me a very consistent workload overall. I based the ratio of rads/kanji to vocab on the total ratio of all WK items - we’ll see how it goes!

I hope this helps, and I look forward to keeping pace with a fellow slow-ish user :smiley: