Nonfiction children's books that are heavy on pictures/illustrations?

I was really big on Dorling Kindersly and David Macaulay type books when I was a kid and was curious if anyone knows of any Japanese books that are similar in style. So far the only author I’ve come across is モリナガ ヨウ though his stuff tends to fall mainly in the tank/military arena which is cool. I’m just looking for, I guess, something less specialized.

I’m not sure I get it.
Are you looking for 図鑑?
If so, google returns a lot of hits… but I may be getting it wrong.

aha! I totally forgot 図鑑 were a thing! That’s pretty much exactly what I was looking for, thanks! :smile:

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If you’re on Android you might want to try this App. It’s ALL-YOU-CAN-READ Japanese children’s books.

I’m not sure if they’re on iOS too.


Oops! Sorry I just realized you asked for non-fiction. My bad.


The app is available for iOS too, I’ve used it before and would recommend it as well :slight_smile:

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