No reading mnemonic for 名?

So I am aware that there exists a reading mnemonic for but it is only for めい.

Does anyone have their own mnemonic they use for this?
Are there any other Kanji missing a alternate reading mnemonic?

There is one if you double check the reading explanation for the page名

It’s not the best, but there are community options available:

I haven’t seen any, but many compounds will say something like “you should already know this reading from previous levels” which is kind of annoying. Depending on your RNG luck for words in a level some of the meanings/readings will reference each other in a confusing way, but it’s very, very rare.

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Isn’t that the mnemonic for the vocab?

has two readings for the Kanji (めい and みょう), but only the former has a mnemonic.

When you see a reading in the vocab like that it’s actually a reading for the Kanji in the context of vocab.

To clarify, kanji generally have two sets of readings: onyomi, and kunyomi. During kanji lessons WK prioritizes the most common reading, typically one of a few onyomi readings. When doing vocab lessons, however, you may have to use a reading from the opposite category that wasn’t taught during the kanji lesson and the mnemonic is for that.

This example is the typical case, where the readings shown are onyomi readings. They are typically used in words made entirely of kanji compounds. However, when you see kana as part of a vocab term it usually uses a kunyomi reading, in this case “na”.

Edit: It should be stated there are exception terms, often ateji words. There are also cases where some compounds will use kunyomi readings as well.

You can see all of the readings used by WK on the kanji page with the de-emphasized readings kind of greyed out: WaniKani / Kanji / 名

PS: Sorry for the lack of kanji/kana in my explanations. The pc I’m using doesn’t have the IME setup.

For the second reading of 名 I use the word ‘emerge’

Here’s the story: After the mouth appears in the sky once in めい then its surname EMERGE near it written it letters

It’s also useful for the word ‘SURNAME’ 名字 which reads みょう じ

(and even more - ‘written in letters’ part helps me to remember that surname is 名字 - name + letter)

How does emerge help you with either reading?

Like this - /ɪˈmɜː/ - emerge - みょう

The /mɜː/ part is self-explanatory, I suppose.

Maybe our dialects are different. My pronunciation wouldn’t help me remember, but thanks for the answer.

Everybody has a name, me, you, myou…


There are actually a lot of items with multiple readings, and mnemonics usually only cover one of them. (The first one listed.) I’ve seen the odd mnemonic that includes a second or third meaning (I don’t read them often), so there might be a few that do the same with readings. I don’t know.

I made up this one for myself to do all of the above, for example for 正: You SEI you’re CORRECT? Then SHOU me the answer! (正 has both the readings せい and しょう and means Correct.)

I’ve mostly used IME-style romaji for many of my self-made mnemonics, so that way I get in the habit of typing it correctly. (But I mean “Say” and “Show” in the purpose of the English sentence.)


I’d have to agree with you. I’m not sure how “miiyohh” sounds like “eemher”…

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I tend to think that it is best to remember exactly 1 reading at a time. Remembering 2 readings at a time dilutes the memory.

Sound’s like good advice. I’ll give it a try.

It’s evening and Koichi is feeding his pet miniature horse’s mouth, the horse’s name is Little Myo(みょう). Koichi’s miniature horse has a beautiful mane(めい), but what was the name of that horse again? The horse with the cute mane’s(めい) name is Little Myo(みょう).

kind of long winded, but if you don’t need evening+mouth you can just try to think “Koichi’s horse’s name is little myo with the tiny mane.”

I don’t know I just thought about it too hard I guess.

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you’re pretty cute (´・ω・`)

Aw shucks.

Think about seeing cat mouths in the evening evening. Mouth like that cat in alice in wonderland movie. Then you see his Huge golden bling bling necklace with text “みょう”. Cat says “Yo, Me You” with his husky voice. He is ultimate gangsta rap cat who can only say Mi Yo and unable to sing like other cats at night because he got the beat He also got い tattoo under his good looking eye (めい).

Watch 君の名は(kimi no na wa) and then you will probably always remember it xD

Anyways here’s one:

The name starts with “na” but whose is it? Me? You?

Ha, な wasn’t even one of the readings he was worried about, so I’m sure he’s excited to learn there’s more.