No new lessons for so long!

I have been seeing the same kanji for some time now. I levelled up to level 21 before Xmas, during which time I was in hospital so wasn’t able to use the app very much. However, since coming out and finally catching up with all my reviews, I haven’t been getting any new lessons. Considering the rate at which it tends to throw new words at you, finding this a bit weird. Any help??


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I doubt the SRS is broken, so my guess is that you are in a very peculiar situation where you have all of your current level’s radicals and kanji in apprentice status.

But the radicals for the current level are locked. That looks kind of weird.

@Jonel If you scroll down is it showing any updates in progress? Maybe try logging out and back?


Ahaaaaa that’s done it!! Logged out and back, 50+ new lessons. Thank you :+1:


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