No katakana keyboard on app

Currently lvl 10. Unable to progress because I can not learn the item 'supaingo (spanish language) because everytime I input ‘pa’ with my english keyboard on android phone, WK rejects this answer because it is no katakana.

I do not understand why the developer can not incorportate the option of hirogana here given that furansugo (french language) accepts hirogana only for answer.

And no, I am not going to start using a computer. Can anyone help?

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WaniKani does accept hiragana for that item though. It might be a problem with the app? I don’t know much about them but you might have more luck posting in the community thread for the app you’re using.

Also, looking at your question again - it’s spelt suPEingo, which might be what’s actually causing the issue.


You can use upper case for katakana, but as was pointed out, it’s not supaingo.

スパイン語 means spine language, not Spanish


スペイン語 = Español

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Ain’t nobody arguing against that…

すみません。I confused your username with the OP’s and linked your post since I thought it was from the same user.

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Thanks everyone for your help.
It’s good to know that people are here to support those who still don’t know the basics.


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