No Fluff: Katakana

I just published an app for improving katakana recognition.
It is very simple and may not be worth your time.

It’s free for Android in the Google Play Store.

I don’t have an active Apple developer program membership, so there’s no easy-to-grab iOS version. Sorry! But you can build it yourself (or ask an iOS developer to build and publish it for you), as I’ve made the source code available, too: GitHub - manonthemat/noFluffKatakana: React Native App for straight-forward quizzing of katakana->romaji recognition

As you might notice from the App or its presentation in the store, you can easily see that I only put very little time into it. But it does the job and I’m open for suggestions.

I’ve only tested it on a Google Pixel and it works fine there.
If this helps just one person, it was worth it.


It looks pretty cool! I’d be interested to use it. Do you also have a function to do it in reverse? (Romaji->Katakana)

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No, I don’t provide that function. It could be easily be added though.

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I’m going to install it now, thanks for this! I’ve been having trouble reading katakana because I just don’t see it as often.

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Thanks, I was just thinking about how to study katakana more as I have some troubles with them. Will install your app and try it :blush:

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Thanks for the app! Im going to try it now

Any chance of an Anki style mode being added?
Multiple choice is nice, but when you think “is this RE or RU?” and only RU is a choice, it can lead to false corrects.
User could just select wrong answer to make a fail, but even if you don’t mean to, seeing the correct choice out of the corner of your eye can trick your brain into thinking you knew it.

Or some sort of keyboard entry, but Anki mode would be easier to implement I imagine.


I have only recently joined the modern world and upgraded from my flip phone so I can totally enjoy this!!!

Plus, I am so thankful it’s Katakana which I blow donkey balls at <3

So glad i’m not the only one who just can’t grasp katakana

unfortunately I have iOS and no idea how to build an app

but still OP, very :+1:

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This sounds pretty cool. Did you have any screen shots?
I have ios myself but Ill see if I can download blue stacks and get it running on my computer.

Nice one! Thanks Matthias!

Yes, there are screenshots for the Android version on the Play Store linked in the first post.

For convenience, here’s another one.

As you can see, it’s a very simple user interface, which I hope to be self-explanatory.

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I also use this to practice katakana and WK in general <3



After Tofugu surprisingly picked up this little app in their New Japanese Learning Resources: January 2019 blog post, a set of new eyeballs pointed out an obvious shortcoming that there was no summary of mistakes.

So I just uploaded version 1.0.1 and initiated a rollout of the app with said summary. It should become available for all through the Google play store soon.

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