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I recently learned the vocabulary for 寸, which is an old (?) Japanese metric that is equal to 3.03 centimeters.
However, the vocabulary either gave me the option to write “sun”, “three point zero three centimeters”, “three centimeters” or “three point oh centimeters”. Since I love being precise while also enjoying being able to use my hands after having burned this vocabulary, I decided to add two new options as an extra synonym for easier typing: “3.03 centimeters” and “3.03 cm”.
Seems fair enough, however when I typed this in my Apprentice 2 review, I was blocked from typing in any dots, forcing me to write 303 cm.

It’s not the most pressing matter, but why am I not allowed to use periods? Is there some reason behind this interpunction dysfunction? Or does Koichi have a secret hate of ellipses and wants to prevent us writing it by all means necessary? Please help! :disappointed:


You can use periods. For example, ふじ山 has one of its alternate meanings as “Mt. Fuji”.


Ah, then maybe something is going wrong on my end. Thanks!

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Yeah that seems odd. Are you just using the website or an app?

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In embedded software, where it’s common to have to represent a decimal number without using a decimal point, we would do somerhing like 3p03 to represent 3.03.

Or, for voltages, we do 3v3 for 3.3volts.


I was using the unofficial app on my phone, might be a weird bug with my keyboard around that point or something?

That’s a great suggestion, if the dot thing keeps persisting, I’ll give that a go.

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It might be a limitation on how the unofficial app implemented the input.

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I’ll maybe try it again when I have new reviews in 22 minutes

I had a look, the interpunction that is not allowed on the unofficial android app is . , ? ! " / + = ] [ ` ; \


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