No "Available Now" indicator

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If nothing is available, the cartoons are grey. Also the images change relative to how many items are available.


If there are reviews/lessons available, it changes to pink or blue, respectively. Also the cute cartoons change, as mentioned by tip.

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They don’t change on mobile the available now and time did change on mobile

I miss this too. It seems like the review button is supposed to automatically refresh, and I think I’ve seen it do it once or twice, but other times it’ll be ~30 mins past the hour and I’ll have to refresh the page to actually see the review button light up.

I understand that the panel on the right that gives the detailed info would also tell me if I need to refresh if I check the timeline and see what the time at the top is+if it’s in the past, but at a glance it’s not as user-friendly as it was when it used to just say “Available Now” in big letters to let me know I had to refresh / click the review button.


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