Nicole needs a thread to herself -- A Study Log of sorts

:joy_cat: I think I do have some robotic qualities, but being able to enter a number into a spreadsheet every day does not really count towards that for me…

We didn’t talk about other respects of my life, did we :rofl:
I mean, I could show you a picture of my kitchen that I’m sitting in right now, but I wouldn’t want to make this publicly visible :grin:
don’t worry, it’s not like disgustingly dirty-messy, just a bit in disorder and I haven’t done the dishes yet :woman_shrugging: I don’t care as much but I know quite a few people who would take offense.


as a german myself it makes a lot of sense :wink:

I think i might need to get some real excel for my privat laptop or just use the company laptop…

do you read several japanese books at once?
that would throw me of.
when I have several books in rotation it is mostly because one was so boring i stopped in the middle or some other caught my eye so i put it on pause. but reading several pages of several books on the same day :exploding_head:


Fair enough :joy_cat:

Oh sorry for the misinformation, this is Google Docs actually :sweat_smile: which means I can even add the last page number when I’m already in bed and half asleep

Well there are many book clubs in parallel so there is nothing I can do about it :woman_shrugging: :joy_cat:

seems I’m a very obedient robot fwiw :grin:

The thing is, some books are easier to read than others, e.g. the カフカ book needs my full focus (and also frequent lookups in some parts) so I prefer to do that while I’m still wide awake, but other books are easier to read so I can read them in the evening or in bed before falling asleep. So that’s how it happens ^^


Sounds like a great approach to language learning :smile: Just squint a bit and it all makes sense… :joy:


Yeah, I do that all the time when trying to read Dutch, Danish, Swedish and the like :joy_cat:
If it’s a narrow context or a well-known type of text, then that even works out quite okay sometimes :sweat_smile:


Listen Every Day Challenge - Summer 2022

What I listened to:

  • :woman_student:   Japanese Lesson
  • :nerd_face:   JLPT test and Listening Practice
  • :person_curly_hair:   Talking with Japanese friends
  • :mage:   Kiki’s Delivery Service
  • :tv:   Youtube video
  • :us:   American Life Podcast (recommended by miwuc)
  • :green_apple:   Reload Podcast
  • :crossed_swords:   鬼滅の刃


  • :ramen:   博多豚骨ラーメンズ
  • :broom:   Flying Witch
01 :woman_student: 02 :no_entry_sign: 03 :nerd_face:
04 :mage: 05 :mage: 06 :mage: 07 :mage: 08 :person_curly_hair: 09 :person_curly_hair: 10 :person_curly_hair:
11 :tv: :us: 12 :green_apple: 13 :green_apple: 14 :green_apple: 15 :tv: 16 :person_curly_hair: 17 :person_curly_hair:
18 :ramen: 19 :ramen: 20 :ramen: 21 :ramen: 22 :tv: 23 :person_curly_hair: :ramen: 24 :tv:
25 :ramen: :tv: 26 :woman_student: :mage: 27 :ramen: 28 :ramen: :woman_student: 29 :ramen: 30 :person_curly_hair: :ramen: 31 :person_curly_hair: :ramen:
01 :no_entry_sign: 02 :broom: :mage: :woman_student: 03 :woman_student: 04 :no_entry_sign: 05 :no_entry_sign: 06 :no_entry_sign: 07 :person_curly_hair:
08 :person_curly_hair: 09 :woman_student: :broom: 10 :broom: 11 :broom: 12 :no_entry_sign: 13 :person_curly_hair: 14 :person_curly_hair:
15 :broom: 16 :broom: :woman_student: 17 :broom: :woman_student: 18 :broom: :tv: 19 :broom: 20 :person_curly_hair: 21 :no_entry_sign:
22 :no_entry_sign: 23 :green_apple: 24 :no_entry_sign: 25 :no_entry_sign: 26 :no_entry_sign: 27 :person_curly_hair: 28 :person_curly_hair:
29 :person_curly_hair: 30 :broom: 31 :no_entry_sign:
01 :broom: 02 :broom: 03 :no_entry_sign: 04 :person_curly_hair:
05 :no_entry_sign: 06 :person_curly_hair: 07 :person_curly_hair: :crossed_swords: 08 :person_curly_hair: 09 :person_curly_hair: 10 :person_curly_hair: :crossed_swords: 11 :white_medium_square:
12 :white_medium_square: 13 :white_medium_square: 14 :white_medium_square: 15 :white_medium_square: 16 :white_medium_square: 17 :white_medium_square: 18 :white_medium_square:
19 :white_medium_square: 20 :white_medium_square: 21 :white_medium_square: 22 :white_medium_square: 23 :white_medium_square: 24 :white_medium_square: 25 :white_medium_square:
26 :white_medium_square: 27 :white_medium_square: 28 :white_medium_square: 29 :white_medium_square: 30 :white_medium_square: 31 :white_medium_square:

How do you write your name in Japanese?
This really changes based on where you’re from. Different countries pronounce it very differently. People from the USA would write ニコール. But here it would be ニコーレ, or even ニコーリ

Rauch is probably just ラウチ tho, right?


Where is “here”, if I may ask? :smile:

I pronounce my first name similarly to how the French pronounce it, and so I write it ニコル (the last bit is short, not stretched out like the Americans pronounce it :woozy_face:). Here is a sample pronunciation (scroll down to the “… in German” section): Nicole pronunciation: How to pronounce Nicole in English, Swedish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish

And for my last name, the German pronunciation is nothing like the American one either, therefore I write it ラウフ. Here is a sample of how it’s pronounced: Aussprache von Rauch: Wie man Rauch auf Deutsch ausspricht


It’s kind of interesting Lauf has the same Katakanization. If you can even have that as a last name :laughing:.


Looks like you can indeed: Lauf Namensbedeutung und -herkunft
Surprisingly it seems to be much more frequent in the US than in Germany :woman_shrugging:
(maybe it’s an old name and got modified in Germany but stayed the same with the emigrants? :thinking:)


ニコーレ → ブラジル in general.
ニコーリ → some places, such as リオデジャネイロ.
The website you sent has an audio sample

I can clearly hear an “e” sound after the L. I don’t know why you think RU is more appropriate. But maybe I’m just biased


In Japanese the English words that ends with “-ole” often turn into ール
For example,
parole – パロール
black hole – ブラックホール


I think this is just the way we Germans pronounce this :rofl: Different languages prime our ears for different letter combinations, I guess.

Can you hear an “e” sound at the end of these words as well? (in the German pronunciation ofc)

As you can see from the spelling, none of those words have an “e” at the end. And for me, none of them (including my name) sound to me as if there is a voiced “e” at the end. :woman_shrugging:


very much, either e or i. you don’t?


Sorry, but… no :sweat_smile:

I think I can hear what you’re referring to, but to me it sounds just like a bit dragged out. If they had an “e” at the end, they would sound like this:

(and no, I’m not going to do that with my name :cold_sweat: :scream:)


I also don’t think there is a voiced e (or i) sound at the end of Nicole (nor in toll, jawoll or voll). But when I checked the Portuguese pronunciation of Nicole, there was definitely a voiced e at the end; I could not hear it in any other language though.

So maybe it is a language familiarity thing? Like what enunciations of letters you are used to?

For the record, I’m Swedish, and the Swedish pronunciation of Nicole seemed a bit off, a bit dialectical, if I had to spell the pronunciation as it is, I’d do it Nikål (I don’t know Swedish phonetics, so I’m just using the spelling I would guess for the name if I had no guide in how it was spelt); while I would assume something more like Nikoll, but then my pronunciation would show my dialect instead (or my familiarity with how it is pronounced in other languages), so I can’t really claim it IS wrong. :joy:

Language(s) is weird.


I’m from Stockholm and would also say Nikoll, but I didn’t listen to the thing


Hello fellow former Stockholmer! I’m also from there. Yeah, the Swedish guy who’d left the Swedish pronunciation said the cole part of Nicole like kål (vitkål, grönkål, etc.) (and I definitely heard some hint of dialect, but not enough to place it, not that I’m good at placing such things anyway). It sounded very weird to me. xD


Damn you livin in a syndrome?

Anything that ends in L we pronounce as U unless there’s E. So that’s probably it