NHK reporting on Abe ex-Prime Minister's assassination

Assassinations and other violence occurred a lot in Japanese history…

It’s sad that anyone would blame foreigners…

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Now that the dust has somewhat settled. I will simply copy and paste from wikipedia and keep my own commentary brief.

He [the alleged assasin] also claimed that he held a grudge against a “particular religious group” and shot Abe because he believed that “the religious group and Abe were connected”.[63][66][67] It was later revealed that the religious group was the Unification Church.[68] Yamagami stated that his mother had gone bankrupt as a result of being brainwashed by the religious group, and that he held Abe responsible for spreading the religion to Japan.[69][70] He stated that he first planned to assassinate the head of the religious group, but later switched his target to Abe.[71] Police initially refused to elaborate on the religious group,[72] but then revealed as the Unification Church.[73]

From here…

In 2021, Donald Trump and Shinzo Abe gave speeches praising Unification Church in its event named Rally of Hope.[90][91][92][93] Unification Church has ties with Kishi Nobusuke, Abe’s grandfather and former prime minister, and Abe Shintaro, Abe’s father and former foreign minister.[94]

I would scan through that wiki page to make up your own mind on whether that is a cult or a religion (it is rather obviously a cult IMO, I mean " In the 1990s and 2000s the Unification Movement made public statements claiming communications with the spirits of religious leaders including Muhammad and also Confucius, the Buddha, Jesus, and Augustine, as well as political leaders such as Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Leon Trotsky, Mao Zedong and many more." come on now.)

I will also leave it up to you whether you think that this constitutites the following.


Many posters here have made critical statements about former PM Abe and, to a certain extent, Japan. Many of these statements are well taken. I think it would be helpful to take a moment to reflect on some hard truths.

EVERY nation has a jaundiced past. Every. Nation. Do we need to make a list of the crimes America has committed against her own people, against other nations? Is every American President as pure as the driven snow? How about the UK? The UK, with her history of colonization of other nations, mostly nations with people of color? The UK who stole the great works of art and priceless historical artifacts belonging to other nations and peoples, and placed them in the British Museum where they sit today. Every nation has a smelly butt. Every. Nation.

I look upon the former Prime Minister as someone who truly loved Japan. He stated many times that he wanted future Japanese children to not feel as though they had to apologize forever for the sins of their great grand-parents. He wanted the Japanese people to be proud of their nation (something I’m not so sure some members of this forum care about). He wanted to modify a Constitution, that was written for them by people who did not love the Japanese people, to reflect current Global politics and necessities. He wanted the Japanese people to look forward to the future, and to stop looking backward at the past.

Abe once said that “history is harsh”, and that nothing can change it. Yeah, just ask the Americans and the British. However, the Americans and British have no problem looking towards the future. Why shouldn’t the Japanese practice the same optimism?

I, and many, many others, will miss former Prime Minister Abe. We will miss his soul. He was a brave man that tried his best to serve an elegant nation.


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Not to somewhat necro, but.

" A poll published on Sunday by the Kyodo news agency showed that the approval rating for Kishida’s cabinet had dropped more than 12 percentage points to 51% in a matter of weeks. In addition, more than 53% of respondents said they opposed plans to hold a state funeral for Abe"