NHK reporting on Abe ex-Prime Minister's assassination

Shocking news, a sad event :disappointed:

Here’s a good source on NHK with the details known so far. It uses some more advanced vocabulary but the grammar is simple.

Japan is weird like that… The crime rate is very low but when something happens it’s often very extreme :grimacing:

Why kill an ex prime minister? I guess he still had a lot of power behind the scenes?



  • 安倍元総理大臣 あべもとそうりだいじん ex prime minster Abe
  • 趣旨 しゅし aim, purpose
  • 供述 きょうじゅつ deposition, testimony
  • 信条 しんじょう principles
  • 演説 えんぜつ (public) speech, address
  • 心肺停止 しんぱいていし cardiopulmonary arrest
  • 手製 てせい handmade
  • 防衛省 ぼうえいしょう Ministry of Defence
  • 海上自衛隊
  • 銃声
  • ロータリー roundabout
  • 発砲
  • 心臓マッサージ
  • 黄土色
  • 拳銃
  • そぶり
  • 警護
  • 根幹
  • 粛々と

This is so so so sad. :frowning:


Wow :frowning_face:




He’s the one responsible for how things are right now, isn’t he? Plus a lot of people don’t like him, and it’s a lot harder to get to the current PM, I imagine.


So, just plain old revenge? That’s pretty sad in its own way.


It’s just how deep someone’s grudge has to be to actually go through with a revenge plan? The guy is either mentally ill or he was pushed to do it in some way. The article says he wasn’t planning to escape. So he’ll definitely spend the rest of his life behind bars if not get executed. And he was praised for that.

Just not liking him isn’t a good enough motive.

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There are a lot of rumors about the motives.

That he’s an ex military guy, that he has a relative with dementia, stuff like that.

Of course it’s not a good enough motive, what is?

Also not liking him is a very reductive way of saying that a lot of people disagree very fervently with all that he has done and wanted to do with Japan, plus people that have been affected negatively and directly because of whatever he did. Not saying it warrants this, but that’s unfortunately what happens in these cases.


I wonder what will happen now. Will politicians still be able to speak openly in public like that in the future or will there be stricter policies implemented?

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Hard to say what will happen but for sure this assassination will have a big impact on Japanese society. For now I saw they are raising the security level but they will go though with the elections on Sunday.


I wonder if there’s a no politics rule on here.
Anyway, Shinzo Abe was a far right wing ultra nationalist politician.
I would at the very least read his wikipedia page before saying how sad his death is.
The man denied Japanese war crimes, the usage and coercion of comfort women, visited Yasakuni shrine multiple times and was in general a fascist, to make a long story short. You do not need to mourn him, regardless of your views on violence.


This isn’t the first politician that this happens to, though. At some point you weigh the pros and cons. The people who want it to seem like it doesn’t happen (or who truly believe it) are going to keep talking in public like this. While the people who want to capitalize on it are going to go the other way.

Considering it’s objectively more likely for things like these to happen now with all the technology and ease of making this sort of stuff, I’d imagine security is going to get tougher, but nothing is really going to change in the grand scheme of things.


Holy shit. This reminds me of the Asanuma incident.

Also a handmade gun? This guy was determined


There’s no rules against discussing politics here, but there are rules about keeping discussions civil… therefore there are basically rules against discussing politics


Oh, so your that kind of person.

Edit to unflag my post: what I said isn’t offensive. I don’t show up to people’s funerals to read lists of their sins.


… No comment on the flagged post itself, but that was excellently timed… :thinking:


I wouldn’t call discussing an assassination of a politician discussing politics. That’s like saying talking about war in Ukraine is politics (which is really annoying to all Ukrainians when people say it’s just politics).


I wasn’t saying that either, although it’s a discussion involving a political figure so it’s not too crazy to expect a conversation online to go that way. I was just replying to a question about it


I don’t find this news particularly sad, to be honest. Completely neutral feeling about it, although still surprising.