NHK for School and 高校講座 Challenge

NHK for School and 高校講座(こうこうこうざ)
One thing about NHK is that they have a lot of videos in Japanese for students.

NHK for School has television programs and short clips. There’s also a high school website (高校講座) which has radio programs and television programs.
NHK for School’s television programs and video clips have transcripts alongside the videos, making it easier to look up words. (For an example, see this video about water mold that absorbs nutrients from fish.)
高校講座’s television programs teach using various skits, (see ロンリのちから for an example) so they’re fun to watch.

The Challenge
Watch videos on NHK for School and/or 高校講座. Set some kind of pace if you’d like to. Discuss things you find difficult, things you think might help others, etc.

Thread Information
This is a thread to discuss videos on NHK for School and on 高校講座. It would be a bit messy if we were all over the place, so there is a “video series/clip of the month” sort of thing.

Current Video Series of the Month
ふしぎがいっぱい(5年生)(20 Videos)


None yet.

** If you’d like to follow along/participate, could you look through NHK for School and 高校講座 and make some suggestions for videos/television programs?

Would you be interested in following along?

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  • Yes, and I think xyz change which I will write about below should happen.
  • Maybe
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Suggestions so far
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social studies and science for elementary levels; This was a good series of 10 minute science


I actually watched some NHK for school videos a few days ago after seeing it mentioned somewhere on the forums. I was watching the short 3-4 minute video clips, and I really enjoyed them and could somewhat understand some of them. I definitely would like to participate in this challenge since I’ve already set a challenge for myself to practice listening every single day. Mostly I’ve been listening to podcasts, but this would be a great addition to my routine, especially because I can then discuss it with everyone.

As for specific programs, I just went to the “short clips” section and started watching some stuff. I watched a few clips from the social studies section and the morals section, and found them quite entertaining.


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