NHK Easy News! An article that I was able to read at Level 6!

Hello everyone! I wanted to share an article I was able to read after being 80% done with WK Level 6! I feel so accomplished and pushed to do more :slight_smile:


Man, I’m one level above and I didn’t find this easy at all :sweat_smile:
But especially with the last sentence: 外国人に給料を正しく払うため、会社などには銀行の口座を使うように言うことも考えています。Help, someone?

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It pretty much says “In order for foreigners to be paid correctly, companies (etc.) say to foreigners to consider using (possibly Japan based) bank accounts (since its possible that the people coming to work in Japan are bringing large sums of money with them from their home countries).”

It’s a bit involved… I knew some grammar stuff so it helped a bit for me? I know there’s some words that I’ve seen on other articles that I kind of recalled too.


Haha the title kept confusing the heck out of me at first. My brain was misfiring so I kept reading ビザ as ピザ. 日本で働くための新しいピザ 8つの国で試験を行う. I couldn’t understand how a new pizza would help people get jobs.

Congrats to you.


Haha, I read visa wrong out loud like 50000 times before I got it.


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