Next review time script?

Hey guys :D 

Is there a script that shows or even better changes the part of the dashboard that says “~1 until next review” to show the actual amount of time instead?
I know the Ultimate Timeline script shows the exact times of your reviews but I really don’t like having the timeline on my dashboard, I find it looks too busy :confused:


Does this help? /t/WK-Real-Times-userscript/1096/1

I don’t know if it changes review countdowns because I haven’t used it myself yet.

Mempo said... Does this help? /t/WK-Real-Times-userscript/1096/1

I don't know if it changes review countdowns because I haven't used it myself yet.

Thats awesome, thank you :D 

It's not perfectly what I was thinking of but it does the job :)  


I edited the script Mempo linked to above, to display concrete times. Hope it helps!

(I was also looking for this and failed to write a script from scratch, but was able to modify the existing one to do what I wanted :slight_smile: )

This also changes the forum post times etc to display the exact time.