News, chess, BJJ - Listening practice recommendations

Hi everyone! I’d like to replace as much as possible of my English/Swedish content with Japanese. Every morning while having breakfast I watch the 9pm news from the day before. I often also spend some time per week watching chess or Brazilian jiu jitsu videos.

Does anyone have any recommendations of Japanese channels with these topics?

To be clear, the content needn’t be aimed at language learners; I’d mainly use this as passive immersion, or something of that sort.

A bit more information:


I know that e.g. NHK Easy News has audio and that there are youtube clips with it. But the clips are mostly around 1min long. On the other end of the spectrum I know there are some 24/7-news channels. Ideally, I’d like a, say, 20-60min news program.


I mainly watch Agadmator’s chess channel (a few videos per week, perhaps). Very rarely I watch some of Hikaru’s videos. So preferably something along the lines of those channels but in Japanese. But I’d be happy for any recommendations.


Not sure what I’m out for here. Commentary of matches would perhaps be ideal. But instructional videos might also be fun.


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