Newcomer from SC, suggestions welcomed!

Hi everyone!

I’m coming here from tofugu, which greatly helped in learning the Hiragana & Katakana. The mnemonics really help me out. I was able to get 100% accuracy on the katakana in two days (unlimited time to recognize, of course.) I’ve started here and and it looks like something similar.

I love to play video games, so what I’ve done for practice, was procure a Super Famicon and FF6 – a game I’ve played many times (in English.) On this pay through (I’m sure I’ll do another) I’ve decided to shout all the words I can recognize out loud! =) My wife knows some Japanese so she is really interested in watching/practice.

If you have other suggestions to help please feel free to post, I’m thinking I’ll do the Genki books to get grammar once I have some of these Kanjis.




Which one is FF6? Weren’t FF3 and FF6 something different in the U.S. vs Japan? I think FF6 in the U.S. had espers and locke and kafka was the bad guy. Great game. I’d say maybe start doing genki now or keep going through tofugu till it kinda falls apart. While learning kanji is important, they are pretty useless if you don’t know any grammar.

Anyway welcome!

Here’s an entire list of different resources you can look into to strengthen different Japanese skills :slight_smile:

Assuming ‘SC’ means South Carolina, hello from your Georgia neighbors :slight_smile:


Hello from a former Charlestonian!

Yeah, the US’s FF3 was actually Japan’s FF6, back when it first came out on the Famicon. Later, on the DS, they released the original FF3 (Japan’s) with a few tweaks. The FF6 released in the US was later renamed appropriately.
Also, I seconding the suggestion: it’s a good idea to start with grammar as early as possible. Even if you don’t know much vocabulary.

Hey, and welcome to Wanikani!

Is FF6 in Kanji/Hiragana?

What else would it be in?

Older games, especially NES/SNES era, were sometimes in kana only due to the difficulty of making kanji legible at such a low resolution.

For example, this screenshot from Super Mario World:

FF3 in the US is FF6 in Japan. From what I’m playing so far it is the exact same game except, of course, FF3-US is in English and FF6-JP is in Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji. My wife has done some Japanese and says the Kanji are the simpler/earlier ones, which makes sense because the game was made for kids/teenagers.

@rfindley yes, I mean South Carolina! Hello neighbor!

Thank you Anorith & aplayne, I’ll get started on some grammar.

What is great about playing this game is how much is in katakana. The attacks (I wish I could type the katakana) are really fun/funny to shout. FA-EE-AH BEE-MU! (In FF3: Fire Beam.)



That makes sense. The way you wrote it I thought you were asking if it was in kanji and hiragana, as opposed to only katakana. Having everything in katakana would suck, which is why I asked.

Also, the fact that the message is signed “Super Dragon Yoshi” is pretty awesome.

Those kana make my head hurt to read :slight_smile:

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Woot, fellow South Carolinian! (Although, I’m not sure if I can count myself as such yet; just moved to the state in June lol)

I played Mario Party 3 on N64 in Japanese a few weeks ago and it was all kana. Wish it had kanji.

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