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Correct (+1 level, so it’s now at SRS level 2)
Correct (+1 level, SRS level 3)
Correct (+1 level, SRS level 4)
Incorrect once before getting it correct (-2 levels, SRS level 2)
Correct (+1 level, SRS level 3)
Correct (+1 level, SRS level 4)
Correct (+1 level, SRS level 5 GURU )

But with the current implementation, it would only go down 1 SRS level. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Created an issue.


Aren’t you supposed to get Christmas day off from work!


I have a bad habit of checking my emails :slight_smile:


You need a day off from us so that you can handle it when we really get to be a pain in the ass. :slight_smile:

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“…so this year for Christmas you get one week of no internet access” “noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…”

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Hello, I noticed that my status bars for radical and Kanji progress aren’t updating as I work my way through Level 9. This is the first new level I’ve been working through since The Great Update. I didn’t see anyone else complaining about this when I looked around here a little bit. Any idea what’s up?


Gotta love you WK team :heart:


I’ll take my week one hour at a time. At, like, 3am each day.

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This is awesome, thank you very much! I now finally know the sortcuts for displaying item info when I get an item wrong during a review session (and how to play audio). Much better than having to do a mouse click. Thank you :slight_smile:



Is there a shop to buy cute furniture and decor for the base? What about base defenses? Secret entrances?

I love how perfect all the Tofugu nerds are. This is awesome as you know, but, the shop needs to happen so I can start designing my own durtle car decals.

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Haha, they seriously link it to your thread

You’re famous now :smiley:

Well deserved, I’d also like to have your guide in another post of its own and then have it pinned



Did I miss a lvl 60 thread or does that have yet to happen (if at all, no pressure)?

Ohh, u just wait :3

Well, I thought about that. I added it to my Level 60 thread because I wanted to bait people with my “Wanikani in 368 days” title & story (+ kinda let people get to know a little about me as a bonus). One side effect of it is that some people still think the Guide is exclusively for people that wanna go fast, which is not :rofl: (The first version was though).


My changes have been merged in.

The example should be correct now (and improved). Added the formula on how its calculated.

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muito obrigado amigo

I’m really in holiday mode, so yeah. expect it soon-ish :blush:


Looking forward to it :wink:

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Just a thought not necessarily worthy of change:

On the “How do I level up?” Page, this is written at the bottom of the page:

“Radicals and Vocabulary have no affect on your level. However, radicals are needed to unlock kanji, so if you don’t have all of your radicals at guru, you won’t get their kanji, and that may slow down your ability to level up.”

I think it is somewhat inaccurate to say that Radicals have no affect on your level. If getting 90% of the Kanji to guru is what levels you, and getting your Radicals to guru is what unlocks said Kanji, then Radicals not only have an affect, but are THE gatekeeper for leveling.

You can only say that radicals have no affect on leveling on the short levels, which are the exception until you hit level 49. So I might change it to simply say that radicals are needed to unlock Kanji, and Vocabulary has no impact on leveling speed.

TL;DR It reads poorly to say radicals have no impact on leveling, and then immediately contradict that statement by saying radicals have an impact, IMO.

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Do you want them to say “no direct effect” or something?

I guess it isn’t direct in the sense of A -> B, but in my mind the radicals have a big impact on your ability to level up. If they had no impact, then I could completely skip them and still level up.

regardless, my point was that it is contradictory to Radicals have no affect on your level, only to explain how radicals can have an affect on your level. I don’t really care exactly how they change, my suggestion was just that they could write that more clearly so that a potential new user could understand how leveling works better. Essentially, to level you need to guru all of your Radicals, and then 90% of your Kanji. The requirements are more than just Kanji.

Hope that makes sense.

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