New WaniKani Function? (Word Use)

Was slowly going through my lessons when something caught my attention- there is function called ‘Word Use’ but I have never seen the function before in my one year of doing WaniKani. I have only come across the word ‘泡’ using this though. Is this a new feature by Wanikani or do other vocabularies from previous levels have this function as well? I find it really useful to find out which words are usually associated with each other etc.


It’s a new feature, not a lot of words have it yet though. They announced it a month or so ago:


edit: dang I was too slow haha, but as BIsTheAnswer said, it’s a pretty recent feature they updated

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Ah, I see. I didn’t see the announcement but I’m very much looking forward to the development of it. Hopefully the function can be used in reviews as well.

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I’m looking forward to it being implemented further too. Providing a bit more context to vocabulary words seems really useful to me :grin:

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