New unlocks in the last 30 days section

Has anyone else’s “NEW UNLOCKS IN THE LAST 30 DAYS” section stopped?

I moved up a level today, but according to the new unlocks section, I have not received anything new since Sept 30…


What year? Or no… the future?! Just fooling around, I have no idea why that would happen.

Ah… My mistake! Sep 30 :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the opposite problem. Despite having leveled up 17 days ago, all of my unlocks disappeared from the 30 days table except for things after Sept 30th.

Specifically, I have a total of 2 unlocks listed from September 30th and 4 from October 4th.


[EDIT: To be clear, I don’t recall when they disappeared from the table. It was some day this week when I noticed the table was looking rather empty.]

I almost never look at my new unlocks but I only see items that unlocked today, even though I leveled up not long ago.

I just had a look at mine then and it also seems to have stopped. Mine seems to have stopped on Oct 1st but I’ve leveled since then.

Edit: Pressing “See more unlocks” shows me more recent unlocks but it still seems odd that they aren’t all from the day I leveled, was an overwhelming amount of unlocks that day.

Mine appears to have stopped at 30 September as well. I don’t think I’ve leveled since then though (probably not).

We’ll take a look. We made a data reading swap change yesterday which is probably the source of this error.


In case the same thing you’re looking at for this doesn’t fix it as well, this is my current wall of shame:

I know 供える is new (to me) and I obviously am not good at it yet, but I don’t think it means T lol. But I’m guessing it’s all connected anyway so I didn’t want to go crazy and make another thread.


Thanks for the info. We’ll take a look into it.


If you look, those are the first letters of the meaning.

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Well since I only know the meaning 75% of the time, this was not one of those times lol :woman_shrugging:

I have the same issue as both of the above.
Yesterday, all my kanji on the list of kanji progress contained random kanji that I had not learned. This has been fixed now though.

Edit: for me it’s stuck on 1 oct

Alright folks, the fix is up on the live site for the dashboard tooltips (which also appear on the big lattice pages) and for the wall of shame. Let us know if anything else looks weird!


All good now, thanks!

Also, we’re still working on the unlocks. We’ll post here when those are done, too.


Aaaand it’s live.

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It still doesn’t show all unlocked items in the past 30 days. For example, when I levelled up to 48 on October 1, I unlocked 3 radicals. They are nowhere to be found on my page, neither do the first batch of kanji from the same level.

I wasn’t having problems with the unlocked items, but now I am. I guru’d a Kanji a few moments ago and only got 1 vocab unlocked when I should have got 5.

Kanji guru’d: 警
Vocab unlocked: 警察
Vocab missing: 警官/警察官/警察署/警告

Have you done the lessons for those vocab?