New to Wanikani, not new to Japanese

When I was in High School (2004-2008), I studied Japanese. I remember a lot of extremely simple stuff like all the hiragana and katakana, and a handful of really simple kanji as well. I want to get back into learning Japanese and am wondering if there are any suggested tools to use along side WaniKani that will help someone like me who has a decent foundation but is also in need of brushing up.


If you don’t mind videos, something like this might provide a good refresher for grammar:

I know you say you’re not new to Japanese and that says ‘for Absolute Beginners’ but the videos worked well for me when I was in the same boat as you in taking years off from studying Japanese and just using them as refresher course. She’s also been redoing some of the older videos in this playlist as well:

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Awesome I’ll check those out, thank you!

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